Haven't bought that much supplement yet. But when I have I bought from my gym or over the border in Sweden. Much cheaper there than here in Norway.

Haven't found HSN supplement here in Norway yet!

I buy most of myself online (whey and maltodextrin) from aviform.co.uk who do their own stuff.

Also buy whey from holland and barret sometimes but not anymmore

Sorry if no-one has heard of these but they are in the UK!

I find it cheaper to buy a good whey in bulk and then maltodextrin separately to mix as opposed to an all in one shake.
I prefer to buy from the store . Its just the visual thing I have , reading the label and comparing to the other brands. :)
I usually buy at a couple of privately-owned "health food" stores here in Oklahoma City--the Health Food Center and the General Nutrition Center. HFC carries a pretty impressive variety (and they are expanding their store), so they might be a good outlet for your product.

I've also bought at a MaxMuscle store in OKC because it's operated by fellow strength/bodybuilding aficionados, although their prices, though discounted, aren't quite as low as HFC's.
I'm in Australia so this may not help that much with your poll but I buy online, usually from
I find that if there is a new product I read about and want to try it out, I will hit GNC for it, since they have a money-back guarantee. If I like it, I will then order it online from then on. If not, no money lost for trying a new product.

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]I buy from wherever I get the best prices. Get your supps to Brisbane and I will buy :)
Where do you get supplements/vitamins from in Aus?
I use myopure.com.au for whey/dextrose, cheapest I've found so far. Mixed with a couple teaspoons of generic cocoa, it's a great shake!
I stop by GNC everyonce in a while, but their prices are way too much. I can get the same thing on Bodybuilding.com for less than half the price counting shipping sometimes. The only reason I would ever buy anything at GNC is so I didn't have to wait for it in the mail, but the price difference is way too much.