Bryan Haycock

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Everyone please participate in this poll! I want to do my best to ensure that HSN becomes not only the highest quality supps you can buy, but also that they are widely available and affordable.

Polls like these let me know how to meet your wants and needs.

If you can, please indicate where you buy as well, so we can work on making HSN available at your favorite store in 2003!
I try to buy most of my stuff online at 1fast400 or dpsnutrition (easypricematch looks interesting, but I have not tried them yet).

Sometimes, when I am not paying attention, I have to go buy a small box of MRPs or bars or jug of protein because I suddenly ran out. In that case, I go to GNC, MaxMuscle, or even Kroger (can catch a few sales on the Metrx stuff).

However, I prefer to order from the above online stores.
I usually try and order from 1fast, but I also use Vitamin Shoppe for things like fish/flax oil and vitamins. I would love to see HSN there.

Depends. I use http://www.dpsnutrition.com/default.asp

when I want Phosphagen HP. When I want other things such as protein powders, etc.. I shop at a local store called DynamicFitness. They have a website at :

Their prices are pretty competitive on everything but Phosphagen HP.

I would like to see the HSN products the shelves at Dynamic Fitness. Right now, at DynamicFitness 5 lbs of Optimum Whey is less than $30. Plus since it is local, I don't pay shipping. Since I use approx. 5 lbs every 3-4 weeks plus I send a tub to college with our son about once a month - price is an issue.

The only physical store I've ever seen or have had access to is GNC. After my friend came back with 4 pounds of poor quality whey for $40, I lost any trust I had in them them.

Oh yeah, heh, there was also the time I asked the sales lady if they carried dextrose and she had no idea what that was.

i buy at a local gym where i have gotten to know the owners over the past few years.

they do not carry primer/driver.
I like netrition due to low prices and huge selection for on-line ordering.

I look for supplements at Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart periodically. Sometimes they carry them and at a reasonable price. I never shop at GNC due to outrageous mark-up on prices.

Thanks Bryan!
I purchase most my protein online from dpsnutrition.com. So far I haven't found a better price. Next in line for best price is jesupgym.com. Since I live about 30 miles from them I drive over and pick it up.
For the obvious reasons, the results of this poll are going to be heavily skewed. But then, since I've only seen HST mentioned once or twice in the print mags I dunno that it matters. If you start having more articles/ads in mags, then having some place like GNC carry the stuff would be well worth the difficulties in distribution, etc. Until then, though, it would seem to me to be counterproductive as most folks who buy from the store, don't even know about HST and will just see HSN as one more protein powder (Unless you get GNC to PM the stuff, i.e. pay the sales people for each container they sell).
The only link to Singapore i guess, would be GNC.

The branches around the island are growing like wildfire. GNC is a lucrative business here.

Bryan, get HSN here via GNC and i will change my supps to Primer, Driver, HS:CRE and whatever you plan to come out with in the future.

Also, the HST book can be brought here via Borders?

For my ancilliary supps, I try to shop at Netrition, as these guys have provided me with very good prices and great customer service in the past.

I use Protein Factory for my bulk protein, and use google searches to located the cheapest prices when I want to splurge to buy a Beverly International protein product or two.
I primarily buy from sndcanada, either the physical store nearby or directly online. Also, from renegadenutrition (thanks Brian), since they are the only Canadian HSN distributor.

Bryan --

Bear in mind that your poll here is highly biased. An online poll will always give an unusually high "I buy online" figure.

Personally, I sometimes buy out of convenience at a Vitamin Store in a mall, but I prefer to buy at a dedicated fitness store. When not going to a store, I buy online (from you!) and by old-fashioned mail order (for my multivitamin.)

Speaking of which -- I get my multi as part of a "home delivery" program. They automatically send a two-month supply every month (for me and my wife) and charge my card; I get a discount for being a regular customer. Every now and then we build up some excess supply (from missing a few doses a week), so I call and delay one month. You might consider setting this up for HSN products, since they're consumables, too.