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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by colby2152, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Thing is, with my Oly db handles they really don't lend themselves to the knee-hop. I can do that fine with commercial dbs but it's really hard to balance the end of the sticking out bit of bar on your knee when the dbs are in the region of heavy 5s. I'm sure I could work on the technique if I could be bothered but I'm getting on just fine with the bar right now so...

    When you put the dbs down do you attempt to sit back up or do you just chuck them down on the floor 'Coleman' style?
  2. scientific muscle

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    I don't throw them down, but as I get stronger, I will if I have to so I don't injure myself.
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    (quadancer @ May 31 2008,9:46)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">It's technique, like Oly. I stand them on my knees (using a low bench, 17&quot; or feet on a platform block) and as I rock back I pull a hammer curl while boosting with the legs, especially anything over 100lbs. The trick after that is the stop. You want to park them right in place efficiently so you don't waste any strength - the first rep is hardest, lacking stretch reflex so this is important if you want a good set. Turning them after the stop won't use up any reserves, so you want to stay in the hammer position so you don't turn one into a face ornament.
    I highly suggest a warmup for these, because of that first rep. It can fail you on max attempts.
    Steve gave me his db hangers and I don't like them either. Personal preference.</div>
    this is how i do it, but i dont think id want to go over 120's as i worry about pulling the shoulder if they drop down before you reach the desired position.
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    To return to the floor, I raise the knees and hammer the db's across to them and the momentum of the weight rolls me forward to the beginning sitting position...unless I fry and drop them. In that case, it's still a hammer uncurl and release. Controlling them keeps the weight from BENDING them.
    Two things. If you have spin ons, put the spinners on backward and it's not too uncomfortable if you just offset the bar part to the inside - edit: I mean OUTSIDE of the thigh.
    120 is as high as mine go. It's enough.
  5. scientific muscle

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    I bent one of my dumbells years ago, when I went to failure stupidly and almost tore a pec. HST taught me that even when doing max-effort sets, its better to stop once form breaks down. I have a full collection of commercial hex dumbells, the bend is pretty small, almost unnoticeable on one of my 75s. [​IMG]
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    (Lol @ May 31 2008,12:34)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">When you put the dbs down do you attempt to sit back up or do you just chuck them down on the floor 'Coleman' style?</div>
    ewwwwwwwww.......sitting back up with dumbbells? No can do....always drop them
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    If you DROP 'em, then you gotta PICK 'EM UP!
    When you get old you will become wise my son. [​IMG]
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    you have no respect for your lower back

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