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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by scientific muscle, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Since the triceps help so much in a dip, even in the wide grip chest dip...you can have a large number for them if your tri's are strong. My assistance weight is almost the same for both narrow and very wide (33-36") dips.
  2. goals

    300# bench
    400# squat
    500# deadlift

    put 250# over my head (be it a snatch, push jerk, whatever - it's going overhead).

    I will reach these goals this year and post videos. Hopefully at a bodyweight of 220# or less (but the bodyweight part is not a guarantee).
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    (Lol @ Mar. 29 2007,2:25)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Sci, as soon as I get this darn cutting out of the way I'll be approaching my training in a similar way.

    My goals for singles are a bit lower than yours but I still have a way to go to reach them by 2008:

    500lb dead (currently 415)
    400lb squat (currently 358)
    300lb bench (currently 250) may be impossible due to my right AC joint condition
    200lb press (currently 160)

    I don't really care what my body weight is at the time but it'll probably be around 220 too.</div>
    My goals are still the same but I'm a lot closer now. [​IMG]

    500lb dead (currently 473)
    400lb squat (currently 396)
    300lb bench (currently 286)
    200lb press (currently 176)

    I reached my 220lb overhead goal so now I will aim for 250lb.
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    Goals by the end of the year...

    300 lb dead (I did it romo style up to 350, but now I am working on true form)
    275 lb bench
    250 lb barbell bent over row
    200 lb squat (low, but must start some where)

    More important is my 10% body fat goal.
  5. bgates1654

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    I am doing a bill star intermediate 5x5 with these goals in mind:
    Squat 1x315 (275 current)
    Power Clean 1x225 (175)
    Press 1x185 (145)

    Other goals are: (BW = 180-185)
    1.5x BW pullup (230)
    2.5x BW Deadlift (365)
    1x 225 BO row
    1.5x BW dip (250)

    Eventually I would like to get to 200lbs/10% BF

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