Pictures everyone?

Blade! Offer congrats on the physique, looking great dude. What bodyfat% R U on that pic?

I'll take pictures after my first HST and post here, although I'm not eating right.. and not even taking creatine, although I'm eating a protein powder which tastes horrible.. maybe I should start taking this seriously and grab myself some quality Creatine!

I agree, props to Blade. If you have more, please show them. Perhaps before and after HST?
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Quote[/b] (ilFacell @ Feb. 12 2005,5:13)]
Hey Ilface

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Quote[/b] ]@Fausto: You are the most angry lifter...ever.

You got'ta get angry to lift heavy, but it is just the effort bro, nothing else!

I am proud of my humble accomplishement's though!

Blade, looking excellent.

Bosox, is that really you? Hey if it is my hat is off, for sure, you are one serious dude then!

Cheers guys
No that's not Bosox. That's Jay Cutler, he's been the runner up for Mr. Olympia for a couple years now. Right behind big Ronnie Coleman.
This is my first HST cycle and I'm finishing the 5s this week (2weeks of 15/10/5 and so far so good with my 40-year old joints!).  
It's been a "technical" challenge doing HST - the gym I've been at since starting training again last July has VERY limited equipment - that's something I'll need to ask for help/advice about in the traning section.
Haven't been upping my calories much but HST still managed to put 1/2" around my shoulders since I started - now 53 1/2" at 5ft10 / 169lbs.
The only bummer has been a calf muscle tear (gastroc) 3 weeks ago so no leg training since then and not for another 2-3 weeks, which has probably slowed my overall progress.
169 ? you look bigger than that. Good job, hope the tear comes out alright.
Hey thanks, dkm.

I have relatively light bones I guess - most guys my size that I meet are 20-35lbs heavier.

Been on the board about 7 weeks or so reading and learning how HST works - your posts have been really helpful

p.s. just realised I'm exactly a month younger than you - nice to meet another 40-something who works out
Not only that but I am 5'9.5" and weigh 165 so we are pretty close to the same in BMI, although you are larger than me.:thumbsup, I too have a small frame, my wrist are only 6.5 In.

I say "small boned lifters unite"
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Quote[/b] (dkm1987 @ Mar. 16 2005,9:33)]Not only that but I am 5'9.5" and weigh 165 so we are pretty close to the same in BMI, although you are larger than me.:thumbsup, I too have a small frame, my wrist are only 6.5 In.
I say "small boned lifters unite"  
Really? Great work on your part too - I thought you were heavier than 165lbs when I saw your photos as I was going thru this thread!

I've got 6.5" wrists too, so Bump on "small boned lifters unite"!

My main gripe about being light-boned is that it's tricky getting into position at my gym's pulldown and chest press stations when the stack starts weighing more than I do

Here's a before/after, almost exactly 7 years apart. Annoys me how many years I've wasted overall with crappy programs (particularly the early years), but oh well. Note that I'm not particularly tan or anything, so I feel it's a better representation than doing the typical tan/etc thing:


However, I do have some tan-y (well, more than above) pics from over the summer too. This was after fake tanning and cutting some water a week or two after the above. Here's one:

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Well, I guess is the place for pic's after all.
This is me after my first cycle.
Age 45, 5'9&quot;, gained about 9 lb's (now at 202), arms from went from 17 7/8 to 181/2. No real fat gains, pants fit the same on the waist. I don't have much on before measurments as I was out of town for 2 weeks for my SD &amp; then came home with the flu &amp; was sick for 2 more weeks, so measurements would reflect a sick person that SD'd for 4 weeks. Bench went from 300 x 3 to 325 x3 (1RM is now 345).
Not looking to cut just yet, I want more size &amp; kind of like the bulky Arnold, Mentzer look anyway.