max stim for weeks 7 & 8

Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by krenshaw, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. krenshaw

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    i'm reading a lot about using max-stim as an alternative for negs or just keeping at your 5rm but wanted to know more about how to implement it and couldn't find any good answers through the other postings..

    what would be the best way to start my 7th week (which i am just about to do) would i use max-stim with my highest 5rm and just start out with like a 5 sec M time?? if that is the case would i just go up to like 15 reps since i typically do a 5x3 in the 5s??

    any thoughts would be great as i would like to try something different than what i have been doing..
  2. TunnelRat

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    M-time is gracious and friendly. It works for you; you don't work for it. You might start out with a 5 second M-time for the first several repetitions, then after four or five reps, you might want to increase your M-time to 7 or 10 seconds. After ten reps, you might need to go to a 15 second M-time. The idea is to take as long as necessary between reps such that your next rep is as strong as your last one.

    As far as total repetitions, the Max-Stim site generally recommends 20 or so. However, this is not written in stone and I suppose 15 reps would be fine.
  3. robefc

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    If you've been doing 15 total reps in the 5s then it would make sense to keep the volume the could either cluster (i.e. move the weight up and do as many sets as you need to get 15 reps without hitting failure, so it might be 4,4,3,2,2) or move straight to max stim.

    Tunnelrat's post dealt with m time can then increase m time as you increase the weights.

    You also have a really easy way to continue to increase weights as you might be using say 100kg for bench, you can then go to 5 reps on 105kg and 10 on 100kg, then 10 reps on 105kg and 5 reps on 100kg etc etc, or it might be more like 2x105,13x100..then 4x105, 11x100.

    Lots of way to continue to increase load whilst keeping volume the same [​IMG]

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