Zig-zag or repeat a weight?


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The topic pretty much covers my question but in more detail, if the situation required such action, would it be BETTER to:
a) lower the weight an increment from the last workout of a microcycle (or possibly do the same weight again) for the first workout of the next microcycle to facilitate a larger increment throughout that microcycle, or

b) go ahead and increase the weight of the last workout of the previous microcycle one increment and do as many weight repeats on the next microcycle as necessary to facilitate a minimum increment of 5% throughout the cycle (I would repeat the weight a maximum of twice), or

c) does it really matter?

Hey Randy-
Check the thread micmic cites- it's good. Personally, I've found better results repeating weights rather than zig-zagging. Like you suggest, I increase the weights twice, and I do this all the way through the cycle (except for the two weeks of negs, of course). I think, ultimately, it probably doesn't matter, although I can see where for some it's at least psychologically better either to repeat or to zig-zag. I'm not sure I see the physiological benefit, although I've been thinking a lot about it lately (since the thread)- I wonder if zig-zags simulate a "mini-SD" of sorts.