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  1. hi there. i train for mixed martial arts competition (that's like a ufc if any of you don't know what i'm talking about) and basically i plan to do one hst cycle then begin focusing on strength training.

    i would much appreciate it if someone could give me some ideas on how to integrate strength training into my workouts.

    some info that might be important:

    i am 27, 5'8'' and i weigh about 158 in shape (but not extremely cut). i weigh about 165 now (only trained 3 times over past 2 months cause i lost one of my jobs and moved). i plan on working out 6 days a week. i eventually plan to do up to three skill sessions a day, but for now i will assume one skill session a day for the six days. three of these will be very intense sessions, three of them will be medium to low intensity (when i work up to two or three sessions a day, if i am doing three: one will be extremely low intensity, and two will be medium; or, on days where i do two, one will be high intensity one will be medium-low). btw, when i say intensity here, i am talking about going balls out puking hard with the cardio HIIT style and the muscular endurance for high intensity and just a moderate 1/2 hour condition session with technique and light sparring for medium to low intensity. these workouts come in the form of mma/boxing/mt kickboxing/judo/wrestling/brazilian jiu jitsu skills or sparring and related drills sessions.

    i want to put the emphasis on my strength increase for now. with cardio and muscular endurance being second. i don't mind putting the weights first in the day of course.

    one important thing to note is that after putting on a few pounds of muscle with this hst session i will not want to put on much more size. i hope to weigh 155 extremely cut (low fat i mean) and then cut the 10 lbs in water to fight at 145. i don't mind walking around at up to 165 in moderate shape with similar body fat to what i had when i was 155 which was not super cut (just barely see the abs when flexing).

    do you guys have any ideas for what i should be doing as far as exercises, sets/reps and all the good stuff like that?

    can you direct me to any references that would be helpful for this sort of thing?

    is there anything more i can tell you to help you help me?

    thanks for any and all help you might give me, good training to you.
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