When You Have To Hit It

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A little background. I'll be 18 tomorrow and I'm under 150 lbs, but I'm hoping to do a PL competition in March. I lifted thru my senior year of high school, but sadly to say, when my g/f who got me into lifting broke up w/ me, I didn't touch a weight for months. I've been struggling to get back into shape and it's been a little frustrating. So....

Yesterday, a guy at my gym and I got into a little argument over squatting. He doesn't believe in squatting below parallel, whereas I try to always go past parallel. I've been known to tap the safety bars on the power rack on my reps. He was saying when I got a few hundred pounds on there I'd blow my knees apart. I laughed and said I'd done over 300 and my knees are fine. Now... I have done that, but I didn't think I could do it in my present state.

Today was squat day. I loaded up 245 for a 10 rep set and as I was about to begin I noticed the same guy watching me from the preacher curl. Determined to show him some ability, I proceeded to drop... all the way down. And I fought it back up. I dropped again, and fought it back up. My body was telling me very loudly that I hadn't done this in too long, but at this point I'd rather dislocate my spine than not finish my set. Well, squatting isn't so popular in my gym, and I'm one of the heaviest squatters. Very heavy for my weight. By rep 5 I had attracted a lot of attention from the "bencher" guys. Finally, rep 10 came, no compromise, lockout, rerack. My friend at the preacher curl gave some approving nods. That's where it's at. A few minutes later came set 2. Keep going onto higher weights and lower butts, gentlemen.

P.S. I can definitely feel my legs right now, but I can't move them! Good thing this computer chair has wheels....
I think he just wanted to share the heart he put into his squat workout

NOTHING like a good set of squats.!!!!!

Chacha, you will eventually hurt yourself. Leave you ego outside when you go to the gym or you are asking for injuries. As for below, or above parallel on some lifts, it is tough on the joints and the connective tissue. Better make sure you warm up very thoroughly.
O&G, thanks for the concern. After my partner just about tore his shoulder benching, we've been more careful. But that doesn't mean we've been complacent. People grow (and not just physically) from the strain and the struggle, from being forced to go beyond their boundaries. Humans stretch more than they expand. Anyway, philosophical rant aside, it feels good to lift. And it's good to have the HST forum where you can vent, ask, get advice, talk iron, and even get made fun of sometimes.
Merry Christmas guys