What's your opinion of using steroids?

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Andy741, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Andy741

    Andy741 New Member

    Sorry if this poll is off topic, but I thought it was relevant to see what hst'ers think about steroids.
  2. I think,

    In moderate dosage steroids are NOT dangerous at all.
    #### the horrorstories. I feel better I look better and I am far more healthier than guys 10 years younger than me. And I am 38. Never had any problems and I've been using roids over 18 years now. No flaming intended here.....
  3. anyone

    anyone New Member

    I would've answered:
    I don't feel I need them. (PERIOD)
    I'm a gainer!
    But since that's not an option I've answered:
    "I don't feel I need them… …when I'm using HST"

  4. thedon

    thedon New Member

    Well with all the fake crap and tamperd steroids out there i see alot of users switching to natural steroids in themselves used moderatly don't have many side affects but if someone tampers with them you might get stuffed up .
  5. restless

    restless New Member

    There's one important option missing there. Something along the lines of " i might use them someday...".
  6. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I agree with Restless.  That should be an option. Right now I am not even considering them, although I am considering prohormones (go figure).  I just would like to keep the hair I have and not end up with a grapefruit for a prostate.

  7. Jake

    Jake New Member

    I don't think they're overwhelmingly dangerous, but some guys should take them very cautiously. If you have a history of prostate cancer or early heart attack in your family, you should probably stay away from them. Ditto if your prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is elevated. Thank goodness, I'm negative on both accounts, but at 52, I'm not going to start tempting fate. Naked HST is good enough for me!
  8. willie838

    willie838 New Member

    i'll stay natural, smaller for sure, but natural.

    actually the more i think about it the less i think that getting huge is so awesome- maybe it's just a copout for me but i'd rather be functional

    my ex personal trainer has dropped like 30 pounds of muscle and now spends his time doin HUGE amounts of excercises training for triathalons- he's sick. he was 180 bodyweight doin 150 incline db press...he's lost a lot of strength but he says he'd rather be functional than a show guy.
  9. CoolColJ

    CoolColJ New Member

  10. morded

    morded New Member

    IF they were legal...I would like to see them used just as hormone replacement therapy is being used for women. This is the Biggest load of #### they put on us as men. Talk about a double standard!! I am not yet in need of replacement, but everytime i see an older guy i knew when i was growing up who is now rapidly becoming decrepit as his natural levels of 't' and hgh drop, it pisses me off. We are denying care to one group of people who really need it medically because of some outdated victorian ideals. It is okay to be gay, sleep with you sister, divorce your parents, burn your flag,steal from others if they are not the majority skin color( this goes both ways-see south africa) BUT not take hormones if you are male...what a load! Actually it is a sad state of affairs. I wonder if there is someway to educate a critical mass of people enough to maybe get some of the laws modified. The governemnt is supposed to work for us.(I know, I know..that is really a joke in itself)
  11. NightOp

    NightOp New Member

    <span =''>
    exactly... I hear ya bro.

    From a moral/ethical standpoint I would say the mass population should not/doesn't NEED it... however, at the same time, I don't think it is wrong as long as it is used properly and without the &quot;I'm going to live to be 100&quot; attitude. There is a certain mentality/responsibility which I think would be vital to widespread use...

    Another good argument in regards to this subject regardless of one's moral/ethical standpoint is that if it is generally accepted for women, it should be for men as well, and either both men and women should/can receive it or neither can.

    Yet, androgens (in HRT for men) and estrogens in (HRT) for women are two very different things in terms of what they do... we all know what test does and we all know what estrogen does... 50+ year old women won't look and feel like they are 20 years old when on estrogen therapy, yet men at 50+ are much more capable and closer to the looks and feel of the 20's (aside from obvious age characteristics.. i.e. facial structure, etc...). Another problem with this is the lack of information and the sheer complexity of the human body and endocrine system.

    So in the end, I agee with you, but at the same time, I think that we must be very careful with this... society has a way of twisting intentions/methods/mentalities for the worse.
  12. NightOp

    NightOp New Member

    Sorry, I don't mean to steer the thread away from steroid use (in terms of cycles, etc..) towards HRT (and the philosophy of it).

    In regards to steroids use (in the form of cycle), as with some other things that are illegal (in the USA that is), the majority of users DO NOT know how to safely and properly use them, and because of this, the few of us that know that the potential dangers can be minimized, have to pay the price for the ignorance of the whole society. Yes they are dangerous, but so are cars... yes you can kill yourself if you use androgens incorrectly/with dangerous doses (1 gram of test/wk + 50mg ED of anadrol in a 160 pound teen for example)... a big problem with legalizing it is the lack of knowledge and information and the tendancy of people to NOT use them responsibly... the mere fact that they have the negative hype and the fact that they are illegal is enough to deter MANY people who would NOT use them responsibly, meaning for example, if there were not the hype and if they were legal, many people would be like &quot;hey, they are legal, so they must be safe&quot; and would not apply the rules of safety and moderation. For this reason, I don't mind them being illegal, but at the same time, I don't look down on users who cycle to get past their max natural potential (meaning, when diet, rest, and HST absolutely no longer yeild results). If and when I get to that point, sure, I will do a LEGAL PH/PS cycle (such as a ONE+ cycle) to bump me over the line...

    Growing naturally (via diet/training alone) is hard, but its not THAT hard for most people (of course relative to age and genetics/natural hormones/endocrine system.. etc).. thats why I'm not a big fan of people who have not really trained or eaten properly long enough to start using illegal steroids.. using a legal PH/PS to get to and past your genetic potential is one thing (I still recommend people get as close as possible naturally), but taking a 500mg/week test cycle just to blow up for the ladies on spring break is something I'm against... JMO :)
  13. Chriso

    Chriso New Member

    I couldn't agree more with NightOp. You get too many young guys who are too impatient to put in the hard work it takes to build an impressive physique naturally, and then opt to use roids to get quick results. If you have however reached your full potential naturally, and you can live with the dangers they pose (both physically and legally) I believe the choice to use them or not lies with the individual. Should one choose to use them, just do proper research (there are some great websites available). ;)
  14. Clobro

    Clobro New Member

    They are only dangerous if you don't know what you are doing (and as mentioned previously if you start too young). Research is the key to success and safety.
    I got to the point where it was getting extremely difficult to maintain muscle mass nevermind gain (even with HST). I know my natural testosterone levels are dropping off a bit and I was getting sick of mediocure results at best at the gym. Also, got tired of wasting money on supplements that promised to put on the muscle but ended up just wasting money.
  15. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    I don't feel steroids are necessary at all with HST unless you are trying to pass your full genetic potential. I'll never reach that point because I don't want to look big and disgusting, just strong and sexy.

    I feel anyone taking steroids is probably doing so because they weren't seeing results. They weren't seeing results because they weren't training and dieting properly. I'll bet you a good 90% of those steroid users weren't keeping a log of their calorie and protein intake. All they had to do was log the number of calories and protein and reach a couple hundred calories above mantainence. They'd rather spend endless amounts of cash than research the calories for the foods they eat and tab them up twice a day. It takes me less than 5 mins to do that.

    Its all in the diet. To get bigger, eat bigger. Everyone at work thinks I'm on the juice when all I'm doing is eating.

    People say its hard to stuff 3200 calories down their throats once a day but believe it or not its not that hard if you eat the right foods. In fact I enjoy the hell out of it dispite the small gut increase I get during my bulking season. I'm gonna miss it when I have to drop to 2550.
  16. Lars

    Lars New Member

    How nice of you to set the standards ;)

    I wouldn't go that far, but hey...let's say &quot;they weren't seeing good enough results

    So...my 10 years of training, thousands of pages of reading, hundreds of hours measuring foods etc etc wasn't good enough ?

    You know, I'd say you're borderline moronic. It's not all in the diet - but you don't seem like the person to understand anyway, so wasting my time on you doesn't seem like a very good idea.
  17. Lars

    Lars New Member


    This isn't my field, but I was just reading about the whole prostate thing regarding HRT (guess it depends on your dosages, but what I read was very interesting). It seems (I can see if I can find references) that research is implying that enlargement of the prostate can't be linked to high test, but to high estrogen, preferrably coupled with low test.

    And baldness is, if I'm not incorrect, caused by DHT. If you're not using excessively large doses you shouldn't have too much of a problem with this.
  18. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    That wasn't my intention, I'm just stating my personal goals.
    I say impatient, but whatever.

    I went over that point already when I said &quot;...unless you are trying to pass your full genetic potential.&quot; Apparently you met that. I've had fantastic results in just a year now, hell even in the past two weeks..but I only started a year ago, better information is available now than it was 10 years ago.
    Its always best to state and argumentative point with calling the person a moron.

    No it isn't, and I never said it was &quot;ALL&quot; in the diet. Nor did I say there was anything wrong with steroids. I only made a point that people give up and turn to them all too quickly. You spent 10 years, you have a better reason to do so.

    Oh I most certainly do understand, but you've already taken a defensive posture, made assumptions and begun hurling insults. It is I who should probably not waste my time on you.
  19. Lars

    Lars New Member

    See where you miss the point ? By being too generalizing you didn't even make room for the fact that this drug is a medicine and some (most) people use it as a treatment. In my case 10 years have gone pretty much to maintain the muscle I had when I was 18.

    Do you have what it takes to see why something like that may annoy some people ? Next step down on the ladder is to tell a paraplegic that his/her legs are there for walking and that they should get the #¤&amp;/ out of the wheelchair as they're probably just lazy.
  20. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Women are getting T as well now, to improve their sex drive. But men aint allowed it for the same reason..?
    double standard.

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