Weights for 10s half way between 15s & 5s?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Randy, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. Randy

    Randy New Member

    I'm still looking for a quicker way to get the RMs established. I have my 15s and I was thinking maybe I'd get my 5s and estimate the 10s to be half way in between. What do you think? Are other peoples 10's about in the middle?

  2. Lars

    Lars New Member

    Why would you want to do that ? Why not just take that one extra session to find your 10s as well ? I'm telling you, it's a *great* workout, and one of the best I do for growth. Near perfect form, good warm-ups, going *almost* to failure etc etc - and then letting the body rest. Why would you skip this just to get to do something else ? I mean, you're going to work out anyway, aren't you ?

    You may be lucky, or you may not be. In my case, quite a few of my 10x10 start out just one increment from 15x1 and quite a few of my 5x10 start out just one increment away from 10x1. However, quite a few of them don't. Especially "smaller" exercises like shoulders and biceps. And even this won't really fit into your half way between.

    If you go ahead with this plan, I wouldn't be surprised if you ask a question like "does it really matter if I don't do the SD?" I am sure some of the most experienced guys can guestimate pretty good, but I'm also sure most would be way off. It's called ego - and if I followed mine I would need help mith my squats and bench press half way through my 10s ;)
  3. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Due to my work schedule, I can't do 3 full body workouts with a day's rest in between. I am implementing HST into two different 2-day split routines...both routines done weekly over the course of 4 consecutive days. This is a compromise I had to make to increase volume since I'd only be hitting each body part twice weekly. There are twenty-some exercises total between the routines. So finding each *RM takes a week...not a day. See the issue?

  4. Lars

    Lars New Member

    Yes, I do see the point, but I can't see the big deal ;)

    Why don't you use three weeks to establish all your maxes, get these three weeks to really shock your body before the SD and then just go with your program ?
  5. Randy

    Randy New Member

    That's what I'm doing (taking 3 weeks to get the RMs and another week for SD) but I'm getting a bit edgy and want to get going on this...I am losing some mass and strength just getting this set up. I've been careful not to do more than necessary to determine any given RM so as not to fatigue myself for the next exercise that I need to get the RM for. Maybe I should go back after the first pass of all the exercises in a given ssession and hit them again just to try to maintain while I'm getting this done. Thanks for listening.
  6. Don't be too paranoid, Randy.

    The lifts you're doing while finding your RM's are enough to stave off any atrophy. Even the two weeks of decon won't cause measurable fiber atrophy. It's nearly all sarcoplasm, and will come back in the blink of an eye. If you were taking a whole month off with no workouts, THAT would be another story. . .
  7. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Thanks for the reassurance...I guess I'll just be patient.

  8. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I seriously doubt you are losing any mass or strength during the testing phase. The first thing that convinced me HST was golden was the fact that I gained almost 5lbs of bodyweight during the one week of testing, even though I didn't change my calories and following a couple of months of heavy lifting with no change in bodyweight.

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