Supplement Cycles (when to take what)


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I'm curious how people cycle their supplements
Currently I take a pre-workout supp, bcaa's intra-workout and a post-workout protein/creatine supplement.
Currently this is:
every other day for workout
Fast Twitch - Pre
Purple Wrath - Intra
Dark Matter - Post
Whey Proteins through out the day
Animal Pak Vitamins
ZMA at night
We are approaching our 'Strategic DeConditioning' period break... and I'm debating what I should take (if anything) during that timeframe.

My thoughts were that I'd supplement with only Whey and OKG (to prevent loss in muscle mass), but I'm opened to any suggestions, of not only what to take during that timeframe but any suggestions on augmenting my current supplement intakes.
I honestly do not even know what most of those are. You can continue taking vitamins, protein and creatine during SD.
Just to add my bit

I think ZMA at night is always worth taking, especially if on a fasting diet at any time such as with IF
During your deconditioning stick to Animal Pak. Poliquin writes that during deloads he keeps nutrition high. Even if he's wrong, why would you stop the multi? Keep your creatine if you've done the proper loading phase. Otherwise load phase during your

strategic deconditioning so you are primed for the next HST cycle.

The fast twitch isn't a must for your performance, neither the purple wraith. Drop the fast twitch and pick up caffeine pills for 8 bucks at a drug store or ask the folks at your supp store for some.

Dark Matter is pretty decent for a post. You could also chug a mass gainer like a quart of Russian Bear 5000. RB5000 should put the muscle on faster than Dark Matter if for no other reason than sheer caloric might.

CellTech Hardcore has a reputation for putting muscle on. You can use it as a post. I think its the 80g's of carbs with the ALA that gives it this reputation.

Where oh where is your beta-alanine? 3-5 grams with 5 grams of creatine. If its in your budget, HMB. Lots. But not in place of the B-Alanine or Creatine. HMB is a third priority because the cost is high for a researched dose.

Hope that helps.