SizeOn lab rat  :)

Problem is, Im stuck.

I have plates that increment from 1.25/2.5/5/10/12.5

I have four 12.5's and four 10's on each dumbell, can't get anymore weight on it, unless I get four more 12.5's.  That would be a total of eight plates and thats alotta money for 10 lbs per side.  

Anyone know if they make a dumbell bar that is longer than the norm?  I have a bunch of 10 lbs plates that I could use.  If I could get two more 10lbs plates per dumbell, that should be plenty for a long long time.  

Better yet, anyone work for a machine shop, inch tubular stock cut to length, now that would work...

Im happy I can do what I can for reps on an incline but I want more.  
I got a bunch of plates from yard sales and our local "Play it Again Sports" shop. (used stuff) for around .39/lb.

I put two 25's, two 20's, and tens or whatever on each d/b to get over 100lbs. I use the spinlock collar type. I cut some large plastic tubing from Home Depot to fit over the handles to give them a beefier grip too. Somehow that seems to help with the higher weights.
Your idea of using pipe is good, but the lock collars can take up a lot of room, unless you can use clips.
The pipe idea WAS a good one...haha

Seems it would run $50+/- just to get the pipe.

I picked up a dumbell set from a yard sale once, it came with aluminum handles that slip over the bar, then has to washers that slide on next, then you add the lbs, that would work well for my tube idea.

Did some searching, for about the same money, I can get pro style dumbell handles, the ends screw into the handle, and are specific to a short range of lbs, otherwise its sloppy, same things used in gyms.  I thought, I could get one of these designed for 6 plates per side and simply make wooden spacers to replace the plates,  to keep the plates snug.  

Im trying to find someone that has a starter weight set, you know the kind with the cement filled weight, if I can get a barbell that comes with that set, cheap enough, I can cut it to length and Im good to go.  So far no luck, I have one but I used it to make my pullup station...can't live without that and I like it the way it is.  
Hey, I used an old bar for my pullup station too! It's into two drilled holes on either side of a 4-foot cased opening to my kitchen!
One side note on the cement filled weights...weigh them if you ever actually use them. Not only are they space hogs, but often are not the right weight. (rocks and filler, denser sand in the mix, etc.) I like the wooden spacer idea, or you could use pieces of large plastic tubing cut to length.
Yeah good idea on using pvc, instead of wood.

I don't have any cement filled weights, I just want the bar.

I put two 2X10's in the ground for my pullup station...gonna be fun this winter. Bet your significant other likes the idea of a pullup station in the kitchen. Way the temperature dropped today, Im gonna wish mine was in the kitchen here soon.
Well huh....

I had planned on taking kre-alkalyn directlly after the SizeOn, this way, if I saw major results, then the kre-alkalyn could be considered more beneficial.

Instead, I developed a sore throat, lets just say the last two servings of SizeOn went down like fire. Follow that with hearing a pop in my lower back on my third rep of squats...things went down hill fast. The sore throat was the beginning of even worse cold/virus symptoms and even after a week, its still difficult for me to stand on my own power, much less hear anything with all this congestion...Im thinking no more squats, EVER...haha.

Needless to say, I was forced to take my strategic deconditioning...soon as my back gets better...Im ready to jump right back into my second HST cycle.
Well, its almost been two weeks since my sizeon experience ended...

I lost a couple lbs of weight fairly quickly and deflated like a balloon...sounds unreal and fantasy like but if I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it. I mentioned I was retaining water earlier in this thread but the extent wasn't obvious until a couple weeks after I ended the use of the product, and went the other direction.

So..if you wanna have that puffy look, definitely use the may or may not have given me more strength, I believe it give me that added push, but I mentioned that before.

Ive been on the kre-alkalyn for almost a week now, don't buy the powder version, get the pills, this stuff has the worse aftertaste. So far Im experiencing no water retention and Im just entering the 10's, so no real perspective on strength, I'll have to get to the end of the 5's before I can determine that. I guess Im gonna have to add a nasty berry coolaid flavor to my kre-alkalyn to make it feel special...haha