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Someone mentioned I should take the dang SizeOn and let everyone else know how it might work.  

Think I might.

Ive been on a strict diet and exercise plan for the paste three months, who woulda thought eating was the key.  
I take a multi vitamin and optimum whey protein, the majority of my protein comes from chicken, tuna, eggs. IMO, the protein supplement is overkill but hey, why not right?

Anyway, my diet is gonna remain the same, so any gains can be attributed to SizeOn and HST, in combination with my effort.

Day 1

Opened canister.  

Took first serving with afternoon workout.  If anything, its the best tasting coolaid ive ever drank.  

I must say, my second workout was killer, I was pumped big time, however, it wasn't the SizeOn this time, I just got done pushing a mower for two hours non stop then lifted weights, thinking I need to do some more cardio before I workout, cause this was great.  

Next couple days are off days, so I won't report anything unless I wake up the next morning and can't recognize myself from taking the SizeON the night before...haha.

Over the past two months I gained consistantly 2.5 lbs per week, however, thats slowed down some over the past two weeks, as I have gained nothing.

At this point im just maintaining weight.

Day 4 using SizeOn

The previous two days were "off" days.   I took the product as directed, one scoop before bed.   Not sure what to say, my sleep quality was poor.  Was it the product, as there are claimed to be no stimulants in it, who knows?  Just an observation.  Hell, drinking 25 oz of water before you go to sleep, can't assist sleep quality much.

Today it was once again workout time.
In the morning, I performed workout 4 (15's) of the program, drank the product during and after, full serving.  Workout went quickly, was it the product, I doubt it, I hadn't lifted in two days and was eager to get back at it.

This afternoon, remembering how bored I was with workout 4 (15's), I went on to workout 1 of the 10's.  Now that was a workout and how its supposed to be.  
  My last program used alot of high rep exercises, so the chances of lactic anything building up or my getting sore from doing one set of 15's was unlikely, so I skipped it.   I also took a full serving with this workout, did I get any crazy pumps?  NO.  Did I feel I could knock out the final reps of the second set efficiently?  I think I might, no kidding.

I was planning on doing a half serving per workout, since I am working out two times a day on the "on" days.  However, I decided to take gaspari reps advice and do a serving per workout, and one serving before bed on "off" days, this way, Im giving it every opportunity to work.

I also increased my carbs by 80 grams on workout days, primarily meals that surround the workout.  My "off" days diet, is primarily the same, with the exception of 30g of carbs added to breakfast.  My "on" and "off" day diets are slightly different, Im told this helps muscle growth by preventing homeostasis, whether it does or not, its not gonna kill me to fluctuate the calories to find out.

I should point out, the second and third day, there were times where my body felt hot, this could have been due to the poor sleep but it was obvious, the only time I've felt that way, due to lack of sleep, was if I hadn't slept in a day or so, so this was unusual.  I also noticed a mild, yet persistant headache, which has passed.

So far, Im not impressed in the least, we shall see. (the berry flavor does taste good  


Dude, pretty much, if it isn't thru a needle or a prescription; you've probably wasted your money. Most of us wish for the money back we've lost over the years on "Bodybuilding" products. It would pay for the HRT I need.
I would like to agree with you but in this case, you both may have jumped to conclusions.

Surely we both agree creatine is proven to work?

I don't spend my money on supplements looking for the holy grail. Ive been exercising now for many years, over a decade, my money has went towards protein powder (if that), multivitamins and one attempt at creatine monohydrate, it did nothing.

SizeOn is nothing more than a creatine product with additives. The creatine found in SizeON (creatine gluconate) is supposed to have better absorption than regular monohydrate, my only reason for taking this product. I have only found bulk creatine gluconate from one source, and the price difference wasn't dramatic. Most people pay $47+ for SizeOn, I found it for $30, definitely worth trying when compared to bulk creatine gluconate.

Call me crazy but Id rather try a new creatine bound to a carb/sugar (creatine gluconate) than a creatine bound to an alcohol (creatine ethyl ester).

When I first brought up this topic in the first thread, someone said, instead of asking, why not try it and let us know how it works. My only reason for starting this thread. Having a strict diet, I figured my results/ thoughts on the product would be beneficial, especially as Im a huge skeptic of any natural product.

With that said, seems I have wasted everyones, as well as my time. I won't contribute to this thread again. Have a nice day.
What I meant was that this was the first time I have seen a "supplement log" on this board, while they are fairly common place on I thought it was amusing and yes it was wrote with a bit of wry humor, but only becuase is such a joke. The problem with supplement logs is the ridiculously high amount of variables that often go uncontrolled and are perhaps unavoidably so. Add to that a non-scientific methodology and human error/bias and you get what amounts to a subjective opinion. If there are enough supplement logs then perhaps you can get a trend, but you have f-tons of crap to cut through to get to any real data.

Creatine works for most people and I am glad you tend not to waste money on pseudoscience. I, too, am a creatine non-responder, so I do have an interest in how the gluconate version pans out. Monohydrate gave me a lot of gastric distress, so I tried out the ethyl ester version. Both gave me the same results performance wise, which amounted to a couple of pounds of water weight, but no noticable strength/endurance/recovery gains. The EE version was much easier on my stomach but the taste... oh god the taste. If the gluconate has good solubility and doesnt taste like complete ass then I will probably give it a shot myself.

The problem with supplements like sizeon is that they add a bunch of crap useless crap and a spiffy name so they can charge more. Even if sizeon and bulk CG were the same price you are still getting a much better deal with the bulk powder. Sizeon basically amounts to creatine gluconate + carbs+ a little fiber + little bit of vitamins + tiny amount of antioxidants. In other words its creatine gluconate + filler. If you look at the ingrediants it states that there is a mixture with the creatine in it that amounts to about half the scoop. I highly doubt its more than 5g creatine. So with 30 servings you bought no more than 150g of creatine gluconate + crap for $30, which is a very nice price for sizeon.

My point in the rambling above is that you could have bought bulk powder and when combined with food and a multivitamin does pretty much the same thing without all the buzz words and doodads. For a not so dramatic price difference the bulk powder would have lasted you a lot, LOT longer.

Where did you find this bulk powder? I would like to take a look at it myself.
Its only $30, and even though there are a lot of uncontrolled variables I figure after 10 years of lifting you'll be able to tell if its working for you or not after a few months. Does it say anything about loading? Bgates is right you would have been better off getting the pure creatine gluconate would be better value that 50% creatine, 50% crap, but hey maybe that stuff does help absorbion who are we to say?

Anyway if it works, then great, if not, you've spent $30 and helped a whole bunch of other guys save the money by knowing it doesn't work.
Sorry man, I didn't know this was a creatine product. That's one supp I believe in, even tho I'm a nonresponder myself, having tried mono and 2 other types including the asstasting EE. No results. But I've seen guys get huge on it. I read somewhere that about 30% of us are nonresponders.
Heheh, now that we all know what we're talking about, you're not wasting anyone's time. Shucks, we're havin' fun too, yup!
Jeez...and I said I wouldn't respond.

Again, another assumption.  Just because the SizeON has additives, does not mean each serving can't contain an effective dosage.  I understand what is trying to be said but this thread really isn't a discussion on value, its whether the product works for ME, the nonresponder to creatine monohydrate.  My thought process, if this company seriously added this crap to enhance the products absorption/effectiveness, then why not try it.  Besides, how can you or I say, bulk creatine gluconate and a multivitamin would be as effective, when neither knows?  This is why I hate forums but sadly addicted, everyone has to be right about something.  We can go back and forth till hell freezes, in the end, noone will care.  I started this thread for one reason and one reason only, to report my experience with this product.

If taste is an issue with you, creatine gluconate, is creatine bound to a glucose, its sweet and has been reported to taste sweet, by those using straight no frills creatine gluconate.  Basically, someone got the bright idea, instead of mixing creatine with  fruit juice, why not in a sense combine each aspect of the two that makes them effective together...sounds good in theory.  


Oh yeah, no loading phase.

What the hell, I will tell you what I think.

Im on day 6.

Ive had three workout days thus far.  Non-workout days, I take the product once per day.  Workout days, I take it twice per day (I workout twice)

Body weight, same as the day I started.

Visually, no noticable changes to speak of.

No crazy pumps or pumps sustained longer than usual.

Im almost reluctant to say this but I do feel my strength has gone up slightly, maybe not so much strength as endurance of.  Only reason I say this, is the final reps of shoulder press's, normally kick my butt.  Now, Im adding weight, per the HST routine and Im getting through the set/reps no problem.  Same deal with squats, I really dislike them but finding Im getting through the set/reps efficiently.  Don't misunderstand, its more like an assisted nudge, not me slinging weights growling at strangers because I have so much added strength.

What I do know, its possible this product is helping (endurance), albeit minor, would I buy it again at this point, based soley on my experience?  NO

Another interesting observation.  Im sore lately, may not sound odd to most people but I don't usually get sore and it has nothing to do with the HST routine, its just how its always been.  Creatine is supposed to help relieve knows?  Im also consuming plenty of water.

Ive also turned up the heat again, instead of doing one daily workout, twice a day.  Im just going to the next workout, per workout.  Basically instead of two weeks per 6 workouts, im completing each 6 workout block in one week.  I get bored and like to change it up every three weeks anyhow.  Once I complete the 5's, I plan to continue doing 5's adding lbs but only working out once a day after that point, this way I get a little more rest and can push the lbs as far as I can.

Interesting how simillar the HST 5's (hypertrophy) routine is, compared to other strength training routines.

To other creatine monohydrate nonresponders, whos increased their daily dosage to see if they could get a positive effect?  I  wonder if a larger daily dose, broken down into more servings  over a 24 hr period, might not help??  Speculation is a mofo.   I also think many people mix creatine monohydrate with water, when its more effective with juice, and don't get the response they desired.

This is an interesting to read if someone is looking for information:


I think a big reason that some people may not respond that well may have to do with how much dietary creatine you are already taking in. It may seem obvious, but those of us who are consuming a lot of meat on a daily basis obviously will have more creatine already before supplementation than, for instance, a vegetarian who probably gets very little creatine from his/her diet. Therefore, the latter people will notice a much larger benefit from creatine supplementation.

Personally, creatine didn't do a whole lot more me, but I eat a lot of meat every single day, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was close to saturated already before supplementing with creatine.

Still, the stuff is so cheap that you may as well toss some mono in your shakes anyway just to be sure you are topped off. Creatine is one of the only legal supplements that is proven to work by many, many studies.
Good post, Tot. I might add that another good supp is glutamine. At least it worked well in reducing DOMS for me and speeding recovery, both of which are moot points when doing an HST routine. Haven't been real sore in a long time!
As for it increasing strength, I don't feel that.
Did some more lookin on creatine, found something that really made sense to me, mainly as it answered some questions and reenforced some ideas I had on creatine use.

This is what I found, comes with a empty bottle guarantee, so who wants to be the next guinea pig?

Click here for the next latest and greatest creatine

I would like to believe that the protein I eat contains all the creatine I need and my creatine levels are topped off but considering cooked foods have little creatine left, Im not sure thats possible. Who knows.

So whos gonna try the above?
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">The nutrition industry is full of doctors with no credentials. But, Dr. Myers is the authority when it comes to creatine.</div>

I found that funny. Makes sense that taking small doses throughout the day will absorb more, but doesn't justify his product being better. This theory will work with any creatine product.

They use Creapure as their ingredient...just buy Creapure direct from Degussa, or through a distributor. Why should this middle-man guy get a cut? Creapure is probably the best quality creatine though.

&quot;Advanced Carbohydrate Complex&quot;: please...why insult our intelligence. Buy Creapure direct, take it in small amounts every few hours in fruit juice, and save yourself a heap of money. Who cares about the simple carbs when you're on a bulking diet?
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Through his research, Dr. Myers learned that creatine powder, if taken incorrectly, can cause serious negative side affects</div>
I found that funny. Have I been living on another planet? The ad goes on to say that impurities in foreign creatine cause side effects, but &quot;serious negative side effects&quot; from &quot;incorrectly&quot; taking the safest supp on the market?
Also, at $28.00 a week, they can afford the guarantees. If 30% are nonresponders, they still make a lot of money.
God, I hate advertising.
Yeah i wouldnt trust it. The study dr.myers uses in that website to prove around 50% of creatine was excreted out through urine states subjects were measured after 7 days of using it.
Brian states in the faq:
&quot;1) Creatine uptake into muscle tissue is limited by the activity of the creatine transporter.
2) The creatine transporter is &quot;down-regulated&quot; as the level of creatine inside the muscle cell increases.
4) If you load creatine during 5 days (20gm/day), the amount of creatine excreted in the urine goes up DRAMATICALLY by the 3rd day because the muscle cells lose the ability to take in creatine because their transporters are being downregulated.&quot;
&quot;Once creatine stores are full in muscle tissue, it doesn't matter whether you take 5 grams or 10 grams, the muscle won't take in any more because it downregulates the creatine transporters until no more creatine can be taken in.&quot;

So theres no reason to believe we dont absorb creatine efficiently enough if taken normally before exercise with simple carbs of some kind. It will only stop absorbing as much when your creatine stores are closer to being full anyway.

Also something i found strange was that they have glutamine in powder and tablet form...and in explaining the ideas behind the tablet form the guy actually states that their own powder (which theyre trying to sell also) doesnt work.
&quot;Here’s why you’re not getting the results you want with powder. As soon as the powder arrived, I opened a bottle, ready pack on pounds of ripped muscle, build a sculpted six-pack, and recapture my youth. I started taking the powder…and nothing happened.
I had a rude awakening…I took our product and nothing happened.
Aside from a bit faster recovery, I didn’t notice anything exceptional&quot;

Also you only have 30 days to judge whether you think the product works and to return the empty bottle/box to get your money back and u have to pay to get it shipped back to them  
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">They use Creapure as their ingredient...just buy Creapure direct from Degussa, or through a distributor. Why should this middle-man guy get a cut? Creapure is probably the best quality creatine though.

&quot;Advanced Carbohydrate Complex&quot;: please...why insult our intelligence. Buy Creapure direct, take it in small amounts every few hours in fruit juice, and save yourself a heap of money. Who cares about the simple carbs when you're on a bulking diet? </div>

<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Also, at $28.00 a week, they can afford the guarantees. If 30% are nonresponders, they still make a lot of money.
God, I hate advertising. </div>

Come on folks, think outside the box.  Sure, what was stated could be performed using any creatine with your own carbs, spaced through out the day.  However, you go buy your creatine, space it out and it doesn't work, AGAIN, then your stuck with a complete loss, seriously, we are talking a $20 loss worse case scenario.    This way you get part of your money back, less a few bux for shipping.   So which is better?  Again, outside the box, you can get it for under $15 on the following link:

Why pay more when you can get it for $12.85, click here

Actually, I could give a $hit how anyone approaches this.  Id be interested in a nonresponder either taking this product and reporting their thoughts or someone purchase a creapure product and take it throughout the day.

Anyone?   Yes, I do plan on giving it a shot, I just have 3/4  can of this SizeOn crap to go through, anyone looking to experiment.  


Think of it like this, creatine is fuel.  It has to deplete when you use your muscles.  Think of your muslces as engines with fuel cells, your objective is to get from point a to point b without running out of fuel.  What everyone does is fill the tank aka add 5g once a day, top it off then empty it via physical exertion throughout the day.  Lets say your body/fuel cell can only absorb 1g at a time, next day, you put in 5g, absorb 1g, pis the rest out, wait, yesterday you used 2g.   Then what?  Method B, you take 1g four times a day, your tank runs a little low, its there and no reason your body won't absorb it, so in theory, you run with a full tank, 24/7.   I love analogies, even if they confuse more than anything.  Since noone knows why people are nonresponders, its possible.

Its a 29 day product, take it asap and post mark the return package the day the product runs out, see the first part of my post.  
 Hell, on the 25th day, you could take the remaining 3 tabs out and ship it then...haha...whether it worked or not, as they will refund your first order, doesn't mean you can't order again.    On top of that, they may just require the label and your receipt be returned, thats the cost of a stamp.