Sickness During HST Cycle


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I have been training (with breaks) for many years, but have just started HST. I was working on the 15's when I got the flu and was simply too sick to train. I have only 1 session of 15's to do.

In this case, what should a person do? Trained super hard on Wednesday 19th and now aim to start again tomorrow Friday 28th. I still have a slight cough, but it's nothing really.

I had assumed it would be best to have 2 sessions on the 15's before continuing to the 10's. But.......assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. I want to get the best from this system and sickness does happen.

What is the HST solution for sickness breaks? Any general rules to consider?
I feel your pain, I recently had the FLU, meaning I missed the 2nd week of 15 reps. First thing you need to do is drink plenty of fluids make sure your virus is gone, before training again. Otherwise you will just stay ill, as the body will have no energy for the imune system.

It was recomended to me to re do the week of 15 reps, however I decided to do a week of 12 reps once I re started my training. I found this worked quite well for me. I started off the week relatively light and eased myself into it, and was back up to full speed in no time.

Hope this helps, and hope you feel better soon