Revolutionary strength tool

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    Revolutionary strength tool

    This bar is awesome as it exposes imperfection training at its best. I will be writing an in depth article concerning the applications of this awesome tool in the near future.
    Ram Bar

    I incorporated it into my workout today. Serious implications for stabilizer strength, grip strength, static as well as dynamic strength. Also promotes body awareness, coordination, and dynamic flexibility. The late Mel Siff would have loved this product.

    Today’s workout
    Ram bb- Clean and jerk w/ behind neck push press 5sets 1 rep
    Close grip hhang psnatch 5 sets 3 reps
    BB- Dead hang cleans 4 sets 3reps
    High hand Psnatch 4 sets 3 reps
    Jumpstretch bands- Zercher good morning 3 sets 15reps

    Note: use light wts when using the Rbb as it stresses the body tremendously. If you have inadequate shoulder flexibility or eccentric strength be very cautious.
    Ram Bar

    Thank you
    Coach Hale
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