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    Bryan, why don't you start us off w/ a presentation of the SST principles and methods? :D

    Everyone else, feel free to chime in as well [​IMG]
  2. Or how about, SST and how to apply the principles to your HST cycle! I.e. - maybe lower-repitition work after the 5's minicycle instead of negatives.

    Some sort of extended hybrid between the two can be made, im sure of it. It would sure as hell help the seasonsed bodybuilder and enthusiast alike.
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    Does this mean that if one were to go from a strength program to HST, some of the strength gains would be lost during SD? Or would this finding not apply because their period of detraining lasts for 8 weeks while SD is only ~2 weeks?
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    For strength specifically, I think an HST-style SD is not ideal. On the other hand, it probably is a good idea to back off from the weights once in a while.

    One of the Russians (I think Zatsiorsky off the top of my head) suggested taking a week every month in which you keep intensity high but reduce volume.

    So say you're performing X exercise for 225x5x5. Keep the weight the same, but cut the volume to 3x3. For example.
  6. If you're doing bodybuilding w/ a strength aspect or doing strength training w/ assistance exercises, every 4th week you can cut out all your assistance exercises and just do your core lifts. This keeps you from detraining and gives you a break. For a thorough explanation on periodisation and bodybuilding go to WeighTrainer and look in their "Advanced Training" articles. Stress Point System and Bodybuilding Periodisation is what they're called, i think. They have some other good stuff too. Hope this helped.
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    Hey, the weighttrainer is back online!! [​IMG]
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    Bryan, still looking for some input, even if it's a "no comment" [​IMG]
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