Pictures everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by bigm77, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. 5month HST, 2.5years working-out
  2. Spirit Crusher

    Spirit Crusher New Member

    Me in August/Me in December



  3. Spirit Crusher

    Spirit Crusher New Member

    No HST for me yet but I will be starting in a few weeks once I finish up UD2.0.
  4. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    Curls at 111 pounds (2003) on HST negatives.
  5. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    Squats 222 pounds, my very best was 278 pounds that's HST at its best!
  6. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    I love the facial expressions [​IMG]
  7. shoms_w

    shoms_w New Member

    Hey Bosox,
    How about posting your pictures?
  8. cwc73

    cwc73 New Member

  9. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

  10. @Fausto: You are the most angry lifter...ever. [​IMG]
  11. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

  12. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

  13. Blade you are looking great are you competing soon?

    Bosox, keep dreaming :D
  14. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    Dan, I'll ignore the jealous remarks.

    In case you were wondering, I added leg extensions this cycle. I feel they've made a big difference [​IMG] ;) [​IMG]
  15. Uh, obvioulsy ;)
  16. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think we should pass the hat to take up a collection to buy Blade a belt or a pair of suspenders! [​IMG]

    Lookin' huge Bro! :D
  17. Too funny :D [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. sentricyphen

    sentricyphen Guest

    im going to get some arms one of these days....i swear.
  19. sentricyphen

    sentricyphen Guest

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