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    IMO they are not (I'm from the Poliquin camp)
    I can do 12-13 pullups, so I use the pulldown machine until the last day of 15's.
    My first day of 10's I add a 5lb DB between my calves and add from there.

    You can also do the same thing for dips. After you hit your 15 rep max add the 5lb DB
    between my calves and lean forward to hit your chest. Once you get to a weight you can't hold between your calves you can attach plates to a weight belt or some guys here use a chain with clips (TiredRob, Blade)
  2. Just to confuse you more:

    Flat bench works the middle of the pectorals
    Incline works the upper clavicular portion
    Decline works the lower pectorals

    So -- Decline would be be best sub for chest dips.
    I do chest dips on a dip machine -- I don't know the correct name for it, but you'll see people use it for triceps mainly. The more you lean forward, the more you work the lower chest. The more you straighten your torso, the more you work the triceps.


    It's fat burning time!
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    Chin ups are the same as pull ups yes, they are not the same as pull downs, no way they are much more difficult and therefore so much more productive, Mikeh has a very good opinion, to use pulldowns untill you can handle chin-ups, say when you are down to 10 reps, using the weight between your legs ain't difficult, I have done it last cycle with 25 Kgs, the weight goes as close as possible to the nook on your folded legs, the feet are positioned facing up a little. [​IMG]

    He, he, he...taht is why there is no substitute for them in terms of building quads, although I must say the leg press is not bad, specially if you have lower back problems. [​IMG]

    Agh, they just hit different areas of your lats and involve different sets of muscle groups, so you take those which you feel work best for you and voi-la [​IMG]

    Anyway, hope you are getting there "boet".


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    There's no middle or lower chest. It's the sternal head, either it works all together or not at all. The reason that decline bench & dips feel like working the "lower chest", is that the sternal head doesn't have much time to rest as it does in flat bench press, resulting in a fuller pump. In flat bench, while the bar is on your chest, the sternal head enters passive insufficiency. When the bar is at its highest point, the sternal head enters active insufficiency. Much (if not most) of the work in flat bench is done by triceps and anterior deltoids.
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    Well, it's an old bb myth... just like the myth that pullover is a chest exercise.... I don't have the book you mention, but... it is just impossible! The incline bench *does* emphasize the upper pecs, but this is because the clavicular head has a distinct origin (the medial 2/3 of the anterior border of the clavicle). But the sternal heads contracts as a whole. It's as impossible to hit the "lower pec" without hitting the "middle pec" as it is to hit the "lower biceps" without hitting the "upper" ones... Thanks too!
  7. I believe the inclines also hit the pectorialis minor better, and growth there makes people think the tops of their pectorialis major grew.

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