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Feel welcome to express any personal experiences. However please refrain from any short answers like "they're a waste of time", and not explain what you tried. I left a spot for those comments in the poll itself.


Joe G
I voted for "waste of money"...I tried tribulus and zma in the past with no noticeable difference.

I found the best way to boost test is to have a good diet and to stay away from booze!
Yea, If I have forgotten others like Yohimbe and you have tried them feel free to post anything that I haven't mentioned in the poll.


Joe G
The thing is without blood tests there's no way to tell which works best if at all. I can tell you Fenugreek with Maca has definitely given me a boost in energy and libido, a noticable increase in ejaculate. Doesn't necessarily translate to a higher testosterone level.

Some things you left out that definitely work: SERMs and AIs. Rebound XT is a good AI for raising test levels, so is Ultra Hot, both of which use a similar active. Lots of good feedback has been given on ActivaTe by Designer Supplements too. Supposedly a SHBG binder that binds with a much higher affinity to SHBG than test, leaving more free testosterone in your system. Thing is this could actually lead to a decrease in overall test levels even with an increase in free testosterone. Still, I gave the beta version a try and my subjective experience was that it worked, and worked much better than anything 'natural' I have ever used.
worked meaning, that I experienced some results as far as having more explosive training sessions as far as strength and endurance is concerned. Nothing groundbreaking but I felt a feeling of more alertness and aggressivness. Mostly, though my libido went through the roof. I would have a hard on you could hang your coat on, and be very horny. I noticed if taken before sex that the bloodflow to my penis increased giving me a more full erection.
Aside from conducting a testosterone blood test in a lab in my basement, which I don't have, how else would I measure raising my testosterone? Also, I never said it raised my test levels, I said it worked in response to
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Quote[/b] ]Feel welcome to express any personal experiences

Yes, personal experiences to natural testosterone boosters.

Yohimbine can have some cool effects, but test booster doesnt appear to be one of them
I have read "moringing wood" is a good indication of "T" levels. The more lumber the more often means "T" is high. It is just difficult to pee in the bowl.

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Quote[/b] (Aaron_F @ Sep. 12 2005,4:30)]Its not
its not difficult to pee in a bowl..or its not a good test of t levels
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Quote[/b] (thehamma @ Sep. 13 2005,4:24)]what is
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Quote[/b] ]SERMs and AIs
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Quote[/b] ]SHBG binder that binds with a much higher affinity to SHBG than test,
SERM= Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. They block the activity of estrogen in certain tissues. Your body 'sees' less estrogen activity this way, and ups testosterone production to correct the false imbalance.

AI= Aromatase Inhibitor. This is a substance that binds to the aromatase hormone in your body, slowing/stopping the process of aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. Again your body 'sees' an imbalance in your hormone levels and ups testosterone production to correct the low estrogen it 'sees'.

SHBG= Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. You have three testosterone levels incorporated into your overall level: bound, weakly bound and free. Free testosterone is just that, free and active. Weakley bound testosterone is bound to a substance called albumin. It has some activity but very little I believe. Bound testosterone is bound to SHBG and is biologically unavailable to act on androgen receptors.

An SHBG binder basically binds to SHBG with a higher affinity than testosterone, so less of your natural testosterone is bound and more will be free and active. This approach is relatively new to the supplement industry. I think the only company that has a binder out is Designer Supplements. It's a concentrated extract of nettle root called ActivaTe which supposedly has these properties. I don't remember if any of the beta testers of this product had blood tests done to determine if their free or total testosterone levels went up at all. It's possible with this substance, if effective, to raise free testosterone levels but lead to a lower overall testosterone level.

More free testosterone means more testosterone to aromatize into estrogen, so an SHBG binder is essentially useless and possibly counterproductive if it's not used in conjunction with an aromatase inhibitor.
Ive heard that ALRI puts out good products...Ive only tried the Ulta HOT though. I liked it but like has been mentioned before, your impression isnt fact of the products claims.

Ill admit, when I have the extra $ to order some 'designer' supplement its fun to see if it will have any effect.
The problem is...LOL...I usually switch something else up when I start these things! My HST cycle (exercises or something) and diet usually change often so I cant ever be sure if anything actually works.

Unless there is strong scientific evidence of a supplement (like creatine and EFA's) I look at them as more of a novelty. If it works..Great! If not, it can be entertaining and might have a placebo effect. Just make sure you invest your time and money in the right places first!
Best way to boost test = lots of saturated fats

Only kidding. I have been on tribulus for about a week now and can't tell any difference as far as energy, mood, or wood. Will have to have blood work done to see if it shows up there.
If it's erectile function and sexual effects people are looking for, USP Labs' PowerFULL is looking very promising in those areas. People are universally reporting better sleep, more powerful and frequent erections, better mood and more energy.