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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by shakeel, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Agreed, if he (or anybody else reading this) is actually doing well with JReps, I don't ACTUALLY want you to change.

    But for people looking to "try a new way to do a set," and don't want to pay Johnston for the privelege of doing so, they could always try BLOWreps.

    Unlike Johnston, I'm actually in a position to show WHY they might work. You know, versus his retarded made-up nonsense as to why they seem to. Which isn't to say that JReps don't work, just that if they do, BDJ probably doesn't know why, as his knowledge of hypertrophy and research thereof is apparently lacking.
  2. shakeel

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    i like your idea of blowreps .how about a brief rest ala dc 20 s between zone?
    it would be very interesting if you can share with us the rationale behind blowreps and why it works.i like the focus on stretch portion but there is a problem.when performing minireps in the stretch position the muscles are fatigued greatly and you dont have enough muscular energy to complete the upper range.example 8 in stetch zone and you might get only 4 in the upper what to do?

    also i see 4 minireps dont you think the tut would be too low despite heavy weights and you got to compensate by increasing sets ?
  3. mikeynov

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    I'm not sure if you're a member at Lyle's board, but if you are, you may want to look over this (though as a warning it's technical/complicated). If not, registration is quick, and there's a lot of technical ground here that would be kind of difficult to reproduce here without typing for another 30 minutes:

    As to the specifics of the recommendations, I kind of just made up something I thought sounded about right. If you can't get 8 mini reps in the upper half, the obvious answer at first would be to 'lower the weight.' Then again there's no reason you couldn't do 8 half reps in the stretch zone and 4 in the upper per se. Would that work better/worse/anything else than doing it any other way? I'm not sure we can know as there isn't any real research giving us guidelines on any of it.

    As to waiting 20 seconds or 15 big breaths or whatever ala DC, that's a thought too. The problem is managing fatigue/intensity. It would be difficult to perform sets often like that, because each of your "sets," in effect, would be a form of rest/pause.

    So on the one hand, giving yourself fully 20 seconds off between the stretch and pump halves (I like that division - stretch = bottom half, pump = top half) would allow you to use more weight, which all else constant is a good thing. So, in respect to that set, it'd probably be better for growth.

    But what you get by more potential growth induced by a single set, you sacrifice your ability to then perform sets like this often. I would guess somewhere along DC's recommendations, maybe 1.5 times a week, if you perform a couple/few sets like that would be all you could tolerate.

    I'm guessing you could do at least twice a week if you made it one continuous, non rest pause set. Is that better or worse? I'm not sure, and may even depend on the target audience (i.e. more advanced people might benefit from even higher threshhold stimuli vs. less advanced people).
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    Wow, I've shared HST with hundreds of people all over the world--mostly people I didn't even know until they emailed me.

    I'm proud to a black sheep in this pitiful age of litigation...
  5. mikeynov

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    "Not a big deal!?!?!?"
  6. mathey

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    My original point was that apparently to know anything about Jreps without actually having purchased the book is in violation of some sort of law...I was concerned that the OP had shared the info from the book with an non-paying outsider, therefore kicking him out of the "club". I'm sure the author wouldn't be happy either - you just cost him book sales! The HIT club at a major website is much the same way IMHO, you want to learn about HIT, pay the $$$!
    My money is in way to short supply to shell it out on what a few say works. Those websites that list proud claims in BOLD print but have no substance or provide any real info just say to me - WASTE OF MONEY. The 'net is a valuable source of info, and the majority is free, hence the beauty of it. Kinda like me saying i'm coming out with a new online auction site that's better than anything else, but i'm not telling you why it's better, and you have to pay to find out...sheesh
    Though I no longer train using HST, I don't ever recall there even ever being anything to purchase! Bryan sells the supps, but that seems almost like a different site, and even he said the book was more for those who wanted to read the science behind his ideas and that the real training info was all right here - for free!...
    I think eventually, word will get around if Jreps are the real deal or not, and hopefully those willing to share info will be able to withstand the onslaught of lawsuits that will no doubt arise. it's a shame really...
  7. Aaron_F

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    So if somebody purchases a book, and then gives the book as a present, the person gaining this book should not read it and give it back?
  8. shakeel

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    why do you think jreps or blow reps will be better than traditional lifting/is it you are doing more reps in the zone hence tut is much higher?
  9. faz

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    when jrepers meet do they have a secret handshake [​IMG]
  10. Willem

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    two half-handshakes ?
  11. xahrx

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    No, but apparently they do have a crowd of lawyers following them, threatening to sue anyone who talks or dresses like them for copyright and trademark infringement.

    That more than anything else sold me on the idea that Johnston is a sham with a will made of rubber. For someone who claims copyright infringement and threatens legal action so often to not understand fair use provisions is, in my opinion, an indicator of a severe lack of intelligence. I'm almost tempted to buy his book so I can fair use quote it's most important points and show why they're wrong or at least nothing new. Getting his lawsuit dismissed with a pretrial motion would be pretty satisfying.
  12. Joe.Muscle

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    This is getting rediculous!!!
  13. mikeynov

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    I have no real way to answer that honestly shakeel.

    As I said earlier, if JReps are giving you results, I wouldn't ask you to stop doing them or try something else. Go with what works for you.
  14. Dood

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    I think you must be missing the sarcasm, which is surprising.
    Mathey is saying that the way the Jrep people are acting you'd think sharing Jrep info without money being exchanged is a crime. I may get sued here just for typing "Jrep".
  15. Dood

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  16. mikeynov

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    It seems BDJ is still talking trash on his inner cult circle, and has said that BLOWreps would "only benefit a powerlifter" due to the short TUT and that I wasn't thinking outside the box.

    It should be noted that my recommendations were 8 half reps for the stretch AND pump halves of the exercise, which would be similar (if not longer) TUT to a full 8 rep set.

    That's only beneficial to a powerlifter? Jesus Christ is BDJ retarded :\

    For the record, I'm pretty sure BDJ is clueless "why" Jreps are performed too. Insofar as he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to how and why muscles grow, and has a tendency to A) use studies when he thinks they vaguely support what he's saying (though, as dkm pointed out, have nothing to do with what he's saying) while simultaneously dismissing most research as "misleading" (a true sign of a pseudo-scientist) and B) make up magical physiology (motor units are recruited progressively towards the center of a muscle during contraction) in an effort to sell his snake oil.
  17. mathey

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    Dood - thanks for helping me out! Its hard to convey sarcasm online I guess...kinda like telling a joke and only you laugh at it!

    Oh, and be sure to mail BDJ 47 cents for unauthorized typing of "that" word!
  18. mikeynov

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    My ability to detect sarcasm online isn't so great [​IMG]
  19. That's the one that really got me, this is basic muscle 101.
  20. faz

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    do they have a special squad of men in uniforms with JR on the collars.
    "ve hav vays of stopping you talking svines" [​IMG]

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