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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by shakeel, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I know someone using it right now, but he promised not to tell 'what' it is. He's enjoying the training so I know that part is good!
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    Sounds like snake oil to me. If it's worth anything the technique will leak out and eventually be free free information.
  4. Totentanz

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    So... what is it? I'm not going to pay for training information.
  5. shakeel

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    the best training i use since 15 years .see the post acit
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    you are right extreme.jreps is not a routine as there has been before.
    i think jreps will make a revolution in the bodybuilding world.
    me also i swear there has been a change in shape
  8. intensum

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    Like others have said, if it's so good, why haven't people been willing to share it with others free of charge? When in past threads people have pressed J-rep converts to give some info, they've invariably returned with a vague sales rap like "it's a low volume, high contraction program that will blow your mind."

    I simply don't pay $40 to learn a new way to lift when the only substantiation for it is website testimonials! Let's hear HOW to do them [​IMG] , and the rest of us will evaluate how worthy it is.
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    Ditto, maybe I am spoiled by the HST website, but I won't pay for information these days.
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    Hey , this Jreps are free on Lyle forum, go the forum, and general questions and aswers about training.
    You will be amazed what this "new '' method is.

  11. Giovanni

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    Go to:


    This is the rep.

  12. xahrx

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    They're right, those are 21s, or at least two thirds of 21s in the example given. I tried an HST routine once made up totally of 21s. Lasted about a week before I was ready to shoot myself.
  13. So are they 14's? [​IMG]
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    Xtreme, how are they different from the description given on the bodyrecomposition thread?
  16. Totentanz

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    You are talking about supplements. That is a product - obvious why that isn't free. "Jreps" is a type of training, i.e. information. I'm not going to pay for that, not unless you are going to come to my house and actually TRAIN me in it. Why pay for information that you have to figure out for yourself when there is no guarantee that it will work, except for some testimonials that are easily faked... especially when there are things like HST out here that are free?
  17. logicbdj

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    Please do not insult my professionalism and ethics. No testimonial on our site is faked and are reprinted as sent. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, and so please take it easy with the ad hominem attacks and premature comments. It is best to know before commenting.

    Brian D. Johnston
  18. Brian, First congrats on the release. Now on to the meat. In your book you tie a correlation with "The Pump" to Ingber's work on integrins. I find this rather misleading as integrin signalling is a strain event and although I can see why you assume a pump leading to deformation of the cell can cause changes to tensegrity I find it unlikely. Do you mind elaborating your views and assumptions on how you feel Ingber's Tensegrity Hypothesis relates to your "Pump" theory?

    Secondly, you seem to equate that muscle tissue only transmits force linearly to the tendon and are neglecting the fact that the ECM allows lateral transmission of force as well. This is how you are rationalizing strength deficits compared to size increases. I would be interested to know how you came to this assumption.

    Lastly, please explain your rationale where you say something to the effect of that when one is working at the point of stretch, fiber activation occurs at the region of origin and insertion, but as one changes the ROM to where it is in the middle portion fibers begin to activate mostly in the center of the muscle. Because it sounds like you are saying we can preferentially activate only portions of fiber. It also sounds as if you are negating the fact that the real reason is eccentrics recruit fewer MU and instead you are saying that eccentrics cause only activattion of fibers closer to the tendon junction.

  19. logicbdj

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    1. I have no idea where you are coming from in regard to the eccentrics comment.

    2. I do not assume anything, but make presumptions... big difference.

    3. I did not provide you permission to extract and reprint copyright information from my book on this board.

    4. Regardless of any disagreement in regard to interpretations of the literature, any disagreement is irrelevant to the actual and factual changes taking place under this training method. I know what is working and the extent to which it is working for people who claimed to have 'tried everything,' whereas any theoretical support, or lack thereof, does not affect those outcomes.

    5. If you have questions in regard to the book, then do so on the IART RoundTable. This is not the forum in which to do so, since it is a competing product (refer to the agreement when you registered).

    Thank you.

    Brian D. Johnston
  20. xahrx

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    Based on the exerpt from your book, you seem to be saying fibers are activated in different areas of the muscle during a peak stretch, when as far as I know fewer MUs are activated during such a stretch, but recruitment patterns stay the same overall.

    Don't really know where you're going with that.

    Look up "Fair Use," this is more than covered.

    HST isn't a product, it's not being sold to anyone.  The information is available free.  Different training methods are discussed here all the time, and despite any registration agreements here or elsewhere, copyright law is pretty clear on this matter.

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