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  1. Brian,

    Thank you for your informative response it enlightens all I am sure.

    HUMAN MUSCLE MASS" is not a metanalysis, it is an Annual Review, there is a difference ;) .

  2. logicbdj

    logicbdj New Member

    Let me make this clear: I work with athletes and rehab people for the most part, and I take my work seriously. When I spend time on discussion boards it becomes more of a pissing match and ramblings of semantics and ad hominem attacks. I would rather invest my time in the research and work that I do. From what I can tell thus far, it's not an issue of discussing any training idea, but to see one's "name in lights, " as a few of these post demonstrate. Mr. Haycock's training philosophy and concepts is a product... one that he has developed. Not all products are tangible, and I refuse to discuss my methods on someone else's turf with differing views (unless invited). Some of you don't want to pay for information? Well, I don't want to be your slave and spend my time discussing my ideas for free either. I guess we can agree on that much. If you don't think I have anything to offer, or that the testimonials are 'faked,' then ignore it and go on with what you are doing... I'm sure it's working wonders. For those who do have the book, you know where the IART RoundTable is; make use of it and expand your training knowledge about this method in that regard, rather than trying to talk about it with those who do not know. Best wishes on your training.

    Brian D. Johnston
  3. xtreme

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  4. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    That comment will make me quit reading this thread.
  5. mikeynov

    mikeynov Super Moderator Staff Member

    Translation = "I'm afraid to be challenged in a forum I don't personally run for fear of looking incompetent."

    gg Brian.
  6. logicbdj

    logicbdj New Member

    Actually, I'm very busy, 40 years old, and don't have the time or interest to communicate with trolls who are hell-bent on snide, smartass comments to make themselves feel superior. It is for this reason that I won't be coming back to this board. Apparently some of you have more time on your hands than I do.

    By the way, for all you 'massive' individuals who feel they know what they are talking about, feel free to submit your success stories and (unaltered) photos to our site. I would be happy to publish them. That way you can demonstrate you know what YOU are talking about.

    We also welcome ANYONE to submit articles for our hardcover book, Synergy, which releases every year. Simply e-mail me a general topic or concept asap, with the article to be submitted by June 2006.

    See, you can be an 'expert' too, but you have to focus on being mature and rational, and not insulting. Synergy is an educational text. Thank you.

    Brian D. Johnston
  7. mikeynov

    mikeynov Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yah, just like you didn't have time to debate Mel Siff before he died, but suddenly found the time to publish an entire work attacking his ideas afterwards.

    Feel free to run away like a little girl, though.

    P.S. Nice meathead "let's compare pics!" logic.
  8. Pauly

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    Judging by the way 'xtreme' seems hell bent on sticking his nose as far up Brians arse as he can Id put a fair amount of money on him a) getting a backhander from Brian, or b) being Brian himself under a different username. In which case, hats off to Brian for being flexible enough to stick his nose up his own arse (not that thats what Id be doing if I were that flexible [​IMG] )
  9. xtreme

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  10. Pauly

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    No, I dont know you, but it amuses me watching someone stick their nose up someones arse (anyone up anyones arse, not just yours up Brians arse).

    And not that it matters a bit, but Im 28 and have been training for 10 years. I believe the world is round (from what Ive seen anyway, although maybe its just a big conspiracy and everyones been lying to me all these years!?), and I also believe that what Brain calls 'JReps' has been around in bodybuilding circles for donkkeys years. A rose is still a rose...
  11. Conciliator

    Conciliator New Member

    With all due respect, Brian, you're asking for "snide, smartass comments" when you can't even discuss a few questions with dkm1987. Instead, you reply with all sorts of red herrings. You shouldn't be surprised, then, when those on the forum presume you don't have an answer. This, in turn, undermines any confidence we might have in the theoretical underpinnings of your program.

    From what I see, it only turned into "a pissing match and ramblings of semantics" after YOU focused on the difference between "assume" and "presume" rather than the legitimate questions at hand. Don't act like you made any sincere attempt at fruitful discussion like dkm1987 had.
  12. xtreme

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  13. Conciliator

    Conciliator New Member we've all seen so well.
  14. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    So you go from HIT to something that is different and you gain something.

    Wow, how novel, never heard that before.

    And well done to Brian Johnston for showing why never to deal with IART.
  15. xtreme

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  16. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    For a shill you sure cant read.

    I said you did something different to HIT

    ARe you performing things exactly as Jones recommends?

    or is it different.

    And BTW, Jreps is nothing new
  17. yshemesh

    yshemesh Banned

    hehe guess what .... you have to have a membership in order to enter the IART board ( = $$$ )
  18. Dood

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    I have no problem with someone wanting to profit from their ideas. However, if you expect people to pay for something, you better be able to defend it in public in a meaningfull way, or be willing to say "it works but I'm not really sure why". I guess the latter is essentially what is being said.
    If it truly does provide real world results, then it's popularity will spread, much like HST.
  19. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane New Member

    I think it's cute that you have the time to write several lengthy posts about why you don't have time to argue.
  20. noobie

    noobie New Member

    lol. :D


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