It will Kill you, creatine that is!

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by R_Coyote, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Well.. governmental regulation (unless it is driven in through popular forces) Serves the business community. So that could make some sense. A favorite quote of mine was from the early 20th century American philosopher John Dewey

    "Politics is the shadow cast over society by big business"

    And indeed, states always work on behalf of promoting their interests--becuase that is where their bread is buttered.
  2. bugpowder

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    just to clarify, it sounds like the serum creatine kinase level (given in IU/l) was measured by blood test. As such, these results are plausible.

  3. xahrx

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    The exception for popular causes shows the true nature of the problem: government regulation serves government. It doesn't serve business in general, only those few who can buy power to manage the market in their favor. We have the disadvantage of participatiing in a market that can't really buy any favoritism.

    I would disagree in general with Dewey, as I think he's a paranoid leftist. Whether or not a regulation benefits one business or another isn't generally the driving force in whether or not it gets passed. Whether or not it will increase the power and budget of the government is, because in the end it's the government, not business that can force anything or anyone, business or individual, to comply with its rules by using violence.

    What we end up getting is the removal of effective supplements from the legal market and their replacement with ineffective substitutes, most likely made by larger companies. We have a choice not to use the originals, brave the black market and all its risks or hope for an amazingly strong placebo effect. The people manufacturing the substances lose their jobs or run the risk of getting arrested, or at the very least lose a profitable segment of their business.

    That's why I think everyone, and I mean everyone on a forum like this has to respond to nonsense articles like this when they come up. Call people on their BS before the ignorant masses are led to a 'solution' by the government. Pretty soon free weights will be outlawed because of their relatively lower safety profile compared to machines.
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    Good catch, (again), bug! Assuming they were talking about serum CK, yes, these results are definitely plausible, and even low for rhabdo, where CK can be as high as 200,000. But the article didn't say whether these were serum or urine levels, and to be honest, given the quality of the writing, I (probably erroneously) assumed that they meant *creatinine* levels- My bad!

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