Iron Addict's variation of Westside Training


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Iron Addict's variation of Westside training.

Iron Addict is a lifter/trainer on the same board as doggcrapp, and he puts trainees on a modified version of westside that I found kind of interesting. Interesting in that he merges ME and DE work into the same day.

I would think keeping things infrequent in this manner might lead to detraining of the CNS, but he claims great success in doing so. If memory serves, Supertraining did indicate that speed training COULD stand to benefit by doing low rep, high intensity work beforehand.

Regardless, I'm considering using this modified structure as a template for a powerlifting-ish routine I'm putting together. It'd be three times per week as per the format of this routine, but include a little more hypertrophy-specific work (would work out to be ~twice per week per muscle group frequency counting the ME work) while still maintaining a focus on stuff like hammies/triceps for assistance.

Thoughts on this variant would be appreciated :P
I posted that link at a powerlifting board, but they strongly believe that ME and DE days should be seperate. I've never tried this variation before, but I'm trying regular Westside in about 8 weeks.
DE work can be done any time, but it may not be best combined with ME work (fatigue prior to doing it)

Where abouts have you posted it before?
I've been following a modified westside routine which is actually a Joe Average Powerlifting routine. Joe Average training (JA) is similar to WSB in that it has ME & DE days but has its main focus on using very heavy band tension on ME day ie, you use little weight but have these big rubber bands (doubled) that provide alot greater tension in the lockout position. JA also has differs because it has very few assistance exercises and most of the training is done in powerlifting gear. The reason I replied is that the speed squats & spped benches are preceeded with a single set to failure. They reckon it doesn't impact much on speed and I would have to agree with them.