Hypertrophy Cluster Training - HCT-12


HST Expert
Yep, sounds like we've been there, however after a read I found interesting and thought maybe I should put up a link to it here, after all we all new stuff now and then.:)

I thought when I started reading that it is a bit of a HST rip off, but not really it ispossible though that however came up with this researched HST quite well.

On the other hand, Blade has a very similar cluster training program himself.

Anyway, here is the link for all to see! http://www.wannabebig.com/hypertrophy-cluster-training-hct-12/hypertrophy-cluster-training-hct-12-key-principles-to-growth/:cool:
I completely agree that this program likely has but a fraction of the science behind what Bryan has behind HST.

That said - this looks like a fun idea! I love rest-pause work, especially when it's adaptive. This could make for a very interesting cycle....

Thanks Fausto!
That is the whole idea Tim.

I might even give it a go myself!

You won;t believe it but life has really gotten me down lately, last time I picked up a weight was in February, starting to slowly get back now.

Also cracked a rib when I feel on a small flight of stairs at home...:mad:
Great read! I notice that it almost adheres to all of the HST principles with very little deviation as well, althought I'm sure there's a reason for its residence in the SST thread...thanks for the link Fausto!
good job....

hey guys,
i have just joined and i like the concept.
i also want to start training please guide me necessary things about training.
thanks in advance!!!