Creatine Side Effects


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HST members, please share your stories (personal or another person's) about bad side effects of creatine use.
none really, i just wonder if i am a non-responder sometimes, my only gripe is the consisyency and quality between brands can vary greatly, and considering the source from 2-3 places it makes you wonder.

currently using a local Aussie product, beacuse the owners a mate and i got it at less than reatil.
I have the WORST side effect of the two effects of Creatine.

I'm one of the 30% of the nonresponders.

Waddayou talkin' about, side effects anyway? You got
a.) water bloat for some types and
b.) strength in the crunch.
Never really heard of anything else with it.
<div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Never really heard of anything else with it. </div>

Didn't you hear Slapz' recent story?
Naw, I've been gone a while on business.

EDIT: I read in Slapper's log and also read the link on the creatine contamination. Those sound like some pretty serious chemicals to be injesting and the supp companies should be sued if people are experiencing reactions to them. Obviously, as the infamous Mr. Brinks mentioned, it's a lack of processing that is leaving byproducts in the creatine. That still doesn't say that creatine itself is harmful, but in the sense of the way the harm is done, the source is in doubt.
Worst side effect:  Bad bloating and abdominal cramps accompanied by horrible gas.  Only occurs with the powdered creatine monohydrate.  Kre-alkalyn works great for me and eliminates this problem.

Minor side effect:  When fully loaded I pump so easily that I can get a forearm pump while playing golf.  Silly I know, but I completely loose all feel and touch because my forearms are too pumped, and it is in only from swinging a golf club.  I'll live.  
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Hey, old man...long time, no talk!

For anyone who cares, check out my log, last page. I outline my creatine story there.

It's a good point...was it the creatine, or was it the fact that the creatine was contaminated? I tend to think the former, because the symptoms I had related directly to creatine toxicity, i.e., too much in the body, as opposed to some unidentifiable malaise from an impurity.

I'm on the Steve Jones bandwagon...a good helping of sugar b/4 a workout has, of late, worked just fine.

How much creatine were you taking daily? I don't think I have ever noticed any bad side effects on 5 g/day.
I think he said 20 -
I was taking one of those packets of fructose syrup before skating sessions a while back and I noticed that I really had a lot more endurance. Haven't tried it for workouts. Got scared of the insulin spikes back then, hadn't joined this forum yet and learned of the when/how of using sugars.
Slaps: I was out of here due to a 2 month SD - I just didn't feel worthy !
I find it completely changes something in my digestive system. I only use 2.5g/day but I still gain weight and get the cramps. Although I still crap 3 times a day. If it wasn't for creatine it would probably be 6.

More rent studies on creatine are finding it is very good for the brain. Researches are hopeful it could be used as a Parkinson's treatment.

search pubmed, there are some promising studies there on creatine and its awesomeness.
At colby's request, here's my creatine story in detail from my w/o journal....

My story:

I've had a really horrible month, health wise...and some of it (perhaps all of it) was my fault.

About 3,4 weeks ago, I woke up one morning to find I couldn't get out of bed. I was having such severe muscle pain that I literally couldn't move. The pain was on the outside of both my legs, as well as the inner parts of my arms. I also had zero grip strength, and when I did try to grab something, my hands would shake.

Scared shitless, my wife called our doctor, and he told me to come in immediately. It took about 2 hours for me to get out of bed, get dressed and get to the doctor. My doctor is 5 minutes from my house.

When I got there, he was very grave looking. He feared some type of sudden onset neurological muscular disorder. Now, I was really panicked. I saw my life flash b/4 my 2 year old son being 16 and seeing a father who couldn't walk anymore. I was thinking horrible, horrible thoughts.

So anyway, as I'm getting ready to leave the room, the doctor askes, almost as an afterthought, &quot;Do you take creatine, by any chance?&quot; I told him yes, that I'd been taking a maintenance dose for several months now, about a teaspoon a day or so. He told me to cut out the creatine...immediately...and see if symptoms don't improve in a couple days.

Sure enough, in 24 hours the pain was cut by half, and by the following week, it had disappated completely. Turns out, I was suffering from creatine toxicity.

This is one of those lessons I only need to learn one supplement days are over. Creatine is one of the most studied and &quot;considered safe&quot; supplements out there...and yet, look what happened to me.

So, I manage to get over that hurdle, and then my body, already in a weakened state, gets hit with an upper respiratory infection. I'm just about recovering from that, and then, of course, I had to go to my friend's bachelor party, which consisted of a 24-hour booze cruise out of New York.

That cruise was Saturday into Sunday, and now, of course, I have a wicked cough and feel TOTALLY in the $hitter. I drank way too much, gambled way too much, slept way too little, and now am suffering for that. (It WAS a great time, though )
I have taken creatine for many years, at least 10, but I can't remember for sure now.

I've had no ill effects except at first. I had muscle cramps you wouldn't believe (you could see a knot move along my abs for example and leg muscle cramps so bad I thought I was going to have to have medical attention; very painful)

But this was really an error on my part. I was not drinking enough water before I started creatine, and the creatine seems to have amplified the effects of insufficient fluids.

I now drink the amount of water I should have been all along and have had no problems.
I also had bad muscle cramps when taking creatine (dehydration), which I think contributed to muscle tears.  I thought I was drinking enough water, but apparently not.  How much water do you guys typically drink when taking creatine?

When I stopped using creatine all muscle cramps went away and I haven't used creatine again.
(FrankG @ Oct. 19 2007,17:03)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I also had bad muscle cramps when taking creatine (dehydration), which I think contributed to muscle tears. I thought I was drinking enough water, but apparently not. How much water do you guys typically drink when taking creatine?

When I stopped using creatine all muscle cramps went away and I haven't used creatine again.</div>
I drink 1-2 gallons a day generally.

If you had cramps that bad, you might have an electrolyte (potassium, magnesium, etc) imbalance that was made a little worse by creatine (not directly I suspect, but because of how it works).

You might want to have tests done by your doctor.

I'm curious how much you were taking at a time??

I started like a lot of people when it first came out: a 'loading' phase, which has basically been found to be unnecessary. If you took 20-30 grams for several days, it could have really thrown things out of balance.

I'm no expert however. I'm sure others on this forum could give you considerably more detail.
I have experienced bloating, which I believe came from drinking too little water, gas, and the runs. I got the runs the very first time I took Creatine. But I have to say that I took stupid large doses as suggested on a site crowded with incompetent people.
A few years ago I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a bit odd and went to the bathroom. Within minutes I was on the floor with the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced. I told my wife to take me to the emergency room. At the time we had very little kids, and since this was the middle of the night, my wife need to wake our neighbor to watch the kids. While this is going on, I'm thinking I'm dying. the emergency room was only a few minutes away, but my wife couldn't drive fast enough. I thought maybe my appendix had burst.

After doing some tests, they gave me some pain medication that he nurse said was very strong and will make me feel better. No effect -- Zero. By now I'm literally writhing with pain. They then gave me the super duper strong stuff, and finally I felt some relief. Ends up it was a kidney stone that was just the right size to barely make it out of my kidney.

I was taking creatine at the time. I can't say whether it was the creatine, but I never want to go through that pain again. And I've heard that one side effect of creatine is kidney stones. So I've sworn off creatine.
I googled that and found that there are rare occurrences of stones with creatine use, but they are also caused by dehydration. Everyone is warned to drink plenty of water with creatine, and I'll bet those guys who got the stones were dehydrated; a side effect of creatine's diuretic properties. I also noticed a couple of guys on creatine who passed stones and still do creatine: they attributed the stones to dehydration, and decided the gains were worth the risk. Hm.
I'm going to up my water consumption again after reading about the possibility of kidney stones. I do drink a lot of water indirectly (in tea and milk) but I haven't been drinking much else recently. I haven't had any side-effects from creatine, that I am aware of, over the last few years. I take about a level teaspoon of Creapure a day. It seems to be good stuff. I have a break from it during SD and then start again when I kick off a new cycle. I never load.

I am planning on getting my father to start taking creatine to help him with his long walks. Clarence Bass documented how much it helped him doing a similar thing. My pop is in his early 70s. Any thoughts?