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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by ksteensma, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. ksteensma

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    I need to get my 13 yr old daughter ready for fast pitch softball season, and want to strengthen her shoulder and arm for throwing. What exercises should we do? Also, what should I be concerned about not doing because of her age and maturity? She is pre-puberty. Thanks in advance!
  2. Aaron_F

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    Just go for overall strength training without getting too complicated at the moment. Learn movements that will help, and make sure that shoulder stability of the shoulder joint, especially rotator cuff are strengthened. Softball isnt as bad on the shoulder as baseball, but its getting there.
    Learn Big multijoint movements, but dont go too heavy, at 13 she is a late developer if she is pre-pubescent, weight training around puberty will be fine, and will be excellent for bone mineral density.
    Dont go too complicated to start with (like OLs) as they take a long time to learn and strength can be gained in other simpler movements to start with.
  3. Guest

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    There shouldn't be a problem with training in regards to her age, as long as she's healthy and she doesn't overtrain. Any movement that simulates those she uses on the field will be helpful. Pullovers will strengthen her overhand throw and help to stabilize the rotator cuff along with dumbell raises to the front to balance and strengthen the opposing muscles and to prevent deceleration injuries. Nose breakers on the bench will work the triceps in the same relative range of motion as the overhand throw as well. Likewise, if she pitches, palm forward dumbell raises and curls will make that more powerful. As for batting, overall strength is the key, don't have her do any form of spinal twisting with weight, work on leg strength instead- big legs= big hits. And be aware that a lot of pros won't train with weights during the season or just prior to games, they claim it throws off their precision. :)
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    There is an excellent book out there for young athletes called "Strength training for young athletes", by William J Kraemer and Fleck.The books lists most of the exercise and the techniques involved.It also reccomends specific exercises for specific sports and special considerations for these special populations.
    In my opinion, you should try to make it more fun and enjoyable.Weight training can a bit monotonous for kids, especially for girls.The more you force her, the more she will fell she is doing for someone else. Let her enjoy lifting; let her do the exrcise she likes the most and then slowly introduce sport specific exercises.
    :) Anoop
  5. Aaron_F

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    Kraemer and Fleck also have a lot of imformation on kids/training in the book Designing resisntance training programs. But its not as complete as the kids book tho.
  6. ksteensma

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    Thank you everyone for the help. I will stick with the basic upper body work-out, but keep it on the adolescent side. And keep it fun! I'm not sure how to do that, but you reminded me of that very important fact. Fun motivates her. I am checking my local library for the books now. Thanks, Kevin

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