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  1. Arbitro

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    In the near future I intend to venture away from HST style for a while & give 5x5 a try. I haven't trained under this method before.

    I've seen a few examples of routines but am looking for some suggestions from those w/ experience w/ this method; how did you set up your routine & schedule, etc. I have a couple ?s too, mainly regarding set-up of the routine, i.e. what lifts to use, how often, rep ranges, etc.:

    1. Is it necessary to only train 1 bodypart (or group, like chest/shoulders/tris) once per week, or can you hit these every 5 days or so (twice a week)?

    2. It's recommended that I choose specific lifts that I want to use 5x5 on. Is it advisable to have multiple lifts per bodypart for which you'd train 5x5 (say, incline DB press AND dips)?

    3. Along the lines of #2, should your 5x5 lifts be kept on separate days, or is it ok to do multiple 5x5 lifts the same day (as long they are antagonistic, such as chest & back, etc.)?

    4. Do you combine other lifts, using a higher rep range (8-10 reps), along w/ your 5x5 lifts?

    5. What length of "cycle" do you recommend (I have heard 4-6 weeks is enough), and do you recommend a "deloading" or reduced weight/volume week at some point?

    TIA for any feedback.
  2. thedrivethruguy

    thedrivethruguy New Member

    bump...good questions by the way. I'm going to do the same thing you are Arbitro, I think I talked about it in an older post and you replied you were going to try it. I will go a step further down the bodybuilding intelligence ladder and ask what is 5x5? [​IMG] I probably should know [​IMG]. If i had to guess is it just 5 sets and 5 reps? of each exercise? muscle group? So i guess add those to all of Arbitro's questions
    Ditto, i'm looking forward to it
  3. Arbitro

    Arbitro New Member

  4. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    If you really want to do 5x5 the "classic" way, there's no reason not to do it with HST-like frequency. The way I've seen it described, the first two sets are like heavy warmup sets, and then the last three are with your best weight. Say your max is 350 -- then your sets would look like 250, 300, 350, 350, 350.

    EDIT: I should add that for obvious reasons, you'll want to keep the number of exercises pretty low. :D
  5. Arbitro

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    Interesting, as the way I've seen it is that the 'goal' is to do 5 sets for 5 reps, all at the same weight. Once you can do 5 sets w/out reducing reps, add weight.

    Some versions do have you doing some isos at 2-3 sets x 8-10 reps, in addition. Others, just 1 lift per BP, once a week, combined w/ a single lift for an antagonisitic or indirectly trained BP (e.g., chest & bis, back & tris).

    Sounds like the variations are many.
  6. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    Yeah, I think both ways have been common. Some people do 5x10! [​IMG]
  7. Insane_Man

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    Yeah I know a guy who does 5*10 3 times a week. He seems to like it, though he's pretty skinny.
  8. stak

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    Are you looking for size or purely for strength? Strength coach Pavel "the Evil Russian" Tsatsouline recommends a 5x5x5 program, here's the link:
    Pavel Tsatsouline - Mind over muscle

    He basically recommends picking five basic exercises and doing 1 set of five each day for five days, mon-fri. I think it's more of a neural learning thing i.e. strength.
  9. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Squats-5x5(Do four progressively heavier sets of 5 with the 5th set being your 5RM.)
    Deadlifts-5x5(Do the same)
    Bench Press-5x5(Do the same)
    Incline DB Press-2x12-20

    Light Squats or Lunges-4x8 each leg
    Good Mornings-3x8-12
    Shoulder Press-5x5 or Dips-4xmax until you get 12 each time. then add weight.

    Squats-warmup to a 3 reps with 5 more lbs than you used on Monday. On the following monday use this weight for your 5th set.
    Bent Over Row-5x5
    Incline Bench-5x5
    Tricep Extensions-2x12-20

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