2016 Log

Vacation workouts

GPP Push-ups; 5 x15-bw
GPP CG chin ups; 5x10-bw

Chest press 3rd seat&2nd lowest handle; 2 x6-77.2. 1 x6-81.7
SG Spinal rows; 1 x10-81.7. 2 x10, 1 x15-90.8. Pause at the top and bottom perhaps.

SG cable trap rows; 1 x11-90.8. Too light a load even with pauses.

Standing abs; 1 x20-31:8 facing away. 1 x20-31.8 facing towards. Away probably better but need a heavier load.

DB front raise; 2 x10-10kg. 1 x10-12.5kg. Alternating arms is best.
Seated DB OHP 1 x5-20s. 3 x12-22.5

DB curls; 1 x5-15. 3 x10-20s.

Triceps rope pressdowns; 3 x15-22.7

Seated rear delt DB flyes; 3 x12-10

DB front raises, alternating; 2 x10-12.5s
DB Split squats; 1 x10-15s. 3 10-20s.

Lying leg curls; 1 x10-22.7. 1 x10-27.2. 2 x10-22.7.
Leg extensions; 1 x10-22.7. 1 x10-27.2. 2 x10-31.8.

Will probably bump the machine sets up to 5-6 a piece. Limited options but it’s much better than nothing. I don’t think I’m anywhere near strong enough to pull off nordics right now.
GPP pull-up/chin-up sets, 30-60s rest; 9 x10-bw. Unrestes chin-up amrap; 1 x15-bw.

Cheat press; 1 x10-68.1. 1 x10-72.6. 2 x10–77.1.

WG lat pulldown; 1 x10-68.1. 1 x10-72.6. 2 x10-77.1


Angles90 one arm cable row; 3 x10-45.4. Load bump next session.
Seated DB OHP; 1 x20-15s. 1 x10-20s. 1 x10-22.5s. 3x 10-25s
WG & CG lat pull-down; 1 x10-63.6. 1 x10-72.6. 4 X10-77.1. Did the last set as a CG cable row, full ROM, felt good on the shoulder.

DB curls; 1 x10-20s. 2 x10-22.5s.
Rope pressdowns; 1 x10-22.7. 3 x10-27.2. Extra set to keep the elbows happier.

DB front raises; 1 x10-12.5s. 1 x10-15s.
Leg extensions; 1 x10-22.7. 1 x10-31.8. 4 x10-36.3.
Lying leg curls; 1 x10-13.6. 1 x10-22.7. 2 x10-27.2. 2 x10-x22.7.

SG Cable hypers; 1 x10-77.2. 2 x10-90.8. Eh, didn’t quite hit the spot.

CG Spinal rows; 2 x20-90.8. Really focused on mind-muscle here and it paid off. Cut short the volume due to time, more sets next legs day.
Bench dips; 4 x10-bw. Mainly just keeping the elbows happy/balanced here.

Pull-ups & chin ups; 4 x15-bw. Various grips. Full ROM, shoulder width chin-ups felt great here and I think I will cluster these until failure next time.


The right shoulder continues to be out of place for now.

Seated DB OHP; 5 x10-25s.

WG lat pull-down; 5 x10-72.6. The leg roller that holds the lifter in place is broken, limiting the usable load. Still, felt heavy enough to be a useful stimulus.

Angles90 one arm cable row; 1 x10-54.5.

Chest press; 1 x10-68.1.


Cut short.
Angles90 one arm cable rows; 1 x15-36.3. 2 x10-54.5. 2 x10-58.9.
Triceps push down; 1 x10-27.2. 1 x10-31.8. 2 x10-36.3. The top end of ROM seems to be very unhelpful, pushing the humerus back into the capsule which is the cause of my issue to begin with. Less of an issue using the rope over the handle.

DB curls; 3 x10-22.5s.
Rope pressdowns; 1 x10-36.3.—> overhead rope triceps extensions; 1 x10-18.2. 1 x10-22.7. Something clicked back into place here. Felt good afterwards.

Seated incline db curls; 3 x10-15s.
Overhead rope triceps extensions; 1 x10-22.7. 2 x10-27.2

DB front raises; 3 x10-15s.
DB lateral raises; 3 x10-12.5s.
Leg extensions; 1 x10-18.1. 5 x12-31.8.
Lying leg curls; 1 x10-18.1. 5 x12-22.7. Rep quality over #s here.

Decline sit-ups; 2 x15-bw.

CG spinal rows; 3 x20-90.8.
WG lat pull-down; 1 x10-72.6. 4 x10-77.2.
DB OHP; 1 x10-20s. 4 x10-25s.

Angles90 one arm cable row; 3 x8-63.9. Time to stop being a pussy.
Chest press; 3 x10-68.1. Load bump on this device next session.

CG cable row; 1 x20-90.8.
SG cable row; 1 x20-90.8.
DB curls 1 x10-15s. 3 x10-22.5s.

Overhead triceps- different machine; 1 x10-37.5. 3 x10-62.5.


Seated Incline DB curls; 3 x10-17.5s.

Overheard triceps- different machine; 3 x10-62.5.


Plate raises; 2 x15-20kg.

DB lat raises; 2 x10-12.5s.


Skipping chin ups yesterday has shoulder feeling ok.
BB hypers; 1 x10-bw. 1 x10-60. 2 x10-90.

Zercher DLs; 3 x10-60. These feel amazing and are coming into the rotation once I get back home.

Leg extensions, different machine; 1 x10-75. 1 x10-112.5. 3 x10-125.
Lying leg curls, different machine; 1 x10-75. 4 x10-87.5.
BB rows; 1 x10-60. 4 x10-100.

Chest press, different machine; 1 x10-100. 3 x10-150.


45 degree incline smith machine; 1 x10-40. 4 x10-50.

WG lat pull-down, different machine; 1 x10-150. 4 x10-187.5.

DB curls; 1 x10-15s. 3 x10-22.5s
Overhead rope triceps; 1 x10-18-2. 1 x10-22.7. 2 x10-27.2.

Seated incline db curls; 3 x10-17.5s.
Overhead rope triceps; 3 x10-27.2

2-hand DB raise; 2 x15-20kg.
Lat raise; 2 x10-10s.
Zercher cable GM/DLs; 1 x10-27.2. 2 x10-45.4. 1 x10-49.9.

Leg extensions; 1 x12-22.7. 1 x12-27.2. 1 x12-31.8. 1 x16-36.3, rest pause the last few.

Lying leg curls; 3 x15-18.2. 1 x15-22.7 max-stim protocol.


Spinal rows, shoulder width grip; 2 x20-90.8.

Decline sit-ups; 1 x15-bw. Too lazy to do more today but I need to be better with these.
WG lat pull-down; 1 x10-72.6. 2 x10-77.2. 2 x10-81.7.
Seated DB OHP; 1 x10-20s. 4 x10-25s.

Angles90 one arm cable rows; 3 x8-63.6.
Chest press; 3 x8-72.6.

Straight arm pulldowns, rope handle; 1 x15-22.7. 1 x10-27.2. 1 x10-31.8.
CG chin ups; 5 x10-bw. Full ROM for the right arm still not there pain free for middle grip.There is definitely an impingement of some kind that impacts that side and then the biceps. I think I’ll be fine to profess WG neutral though. Hands nearly touching for close grip is workable too.
Back from vacation somewhat detrained, off creative for the trip and back with an extra inch on my waist. The rebuilds commences…

Volume lower;

DL; 1 x1-70, 120, 170. Clustered singles; 10 x1-220. Tried all difference stances and techniques. Not sure what felt best.

SSB squats, clustered doubles, oly shoes beltless; 10 x2-112.

FPDL, beltless; 4 x3-170.

I’m so out of game shape.

I can find a very firm position with flat back but I think I’m still naturally strongest in a rounded position and just need to get my strength back.
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Upper volume

107.2. Was expecting a higher number but it’s probably going to shoot up when creating comes back, so thinking that I’ve a 3-4kg fat loss ahead.

WG neutral pull-ups; 1 x10-bw. —> BB rows; 4 x10-120. I decided that pull-ups for now make more sense as GPP space on Saturday’s and then sparing the lower back on Tuesday’s.

WG bench; 1 x10-60. 4 x7-100.

Banded abs; 4 x20-green band per hand.
Giant set.

Seated deadlifts; 3 x15-170. I am definitely, certainly, very out of shape.

WG Seal rows, gorilla grip; 3 x10-80.
Dips; 1 x10, 9, 9 -bw.

Neck extensions; 1 x40, 20-20kg. Had nothing left for that second set.

Sit-ups, bent knees, plate behind head; 1 x10-bw. 2 x10-bw+15kg. Very challenging and shows how slack I’ve been on anterior core work over the trip. I need to configure a way to do these straight leg still, new space has constraints in that respect.

Great workout that was very informative as to future needs and direction.
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GPP and arms


CG chin-ups; 5 x15-bw. My right shoulder popped back into place during the 4th set.
Push-ups; 5 x15-bw.
Step-ups, oly shoes; 4 x15, 1 x10-bw per side.
Giant set, circuit style.

Cut short here.

BB curls;
Band pressdowns;

5 circuits seems about right. I’ll aim to get to 20 reps per set over time and reduce rest times. Whenever I let GPP turn into a dedicated session, I hit recovery issues, so the discipline of restraint will be key here.
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