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    Is Load Progression Necessary For Hypertrophy?

    Strategic Deconditioning really only works if the stimulus is removed. It is true, there is specificity to the stimulus, but the overlap between metabolic and mechanical stimulus is such that even if you only have one, you are still largely maintaining the repeated bout effect. In saying this...
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    Official List Of Hst Principles

    There is a lot of discussion about HST Principles on this board without ever explaining exactly what they are. So I thought I would put them here for people to refer to in their discussions. In the future, I will expound on each here in the Basics forum. 1. The body will adapt in a...
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    2016 Log

    Steady as she goes...and you'll get there.
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    Fiber Tension, Recruitment, Rate Coding

    I'm not sure if this adds anything or not but anabolic signaling is triggered by both active (longitudinal tension) and passive (membrane distortion) tension on the sarcomere. So whether or not crossbridging is occurring (i.e. activation) in the specific sarcomere does not preclude the cell from...
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    The concept of metabolic stress being important for muscle hypertrophy was one of the main ideas in my dissertation. I questioned the consensus idea that blood flow restriction exercise makes muscle grow because you get more recruitment as the muscle begins to suffer from metabolic congestion...
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    Russian Hst?

    I know this is completely off topic but I just want to say how it warms my heart to see all of you here. I know it's been slow. But I still think this is the best place to go if you've got a serious question about bodybuilding science. You guys are the best!
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    Erroneous Claims Regarding The Stimulus For Muscle Hypertrophy

    This paper is by Ralph Carpinelli. He's connected to the Department of Health Studies, Physical Education and Human Performance Science at Adelphi University. His critical commentary on hypertrophy research is impressive and cannot be ignored by any of us who claim to "know" this or that about...
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    Structural Adaptations That Drive The Mechanical Load‐induced Growth Of Skeletal Muscle

    I thought you might find this interesting. This paper references a lot of older papers that inspired my thinking about HST and the importance of mechanical load (without reference to effort). Here's a link to full text.
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    New Interview With Bryan Haycock On Breaking Muscle Podcast

    A new interview I did with Tom at Breaking Muscle has just hit youtube. I really enjoyed talking with Tom about the science behind HST. Check it out and give it a like!
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    Is The "box Car" Analogy True?

    NWlifter, that is indeed interesting. Fiber types are driven by both neural activity, and I believe also by metabolic activity. Because our tissue isn't digital, meaning black and white but rather a bag of water with thousands of different chemicals floating around bumping into complex protein...
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    Is The "box Car" Analogy True?

    _Simon_, I don't think we know the answers to your questions about when or in what sequence or grouping for these exercises. There is a general principle based on the SAID principle that shows that when two difference stimuli or presented simultaneously, the adaptive response is a compromise...
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    Is Load Progression Necessary For Hypertrophy?

    Thanks for sharing that NWlifter. In my in-vitro example, the fiber never contracts. It is completely passive and is just undergoing cycles of stretch by a microscopic mechanism. SO the tension is completely passive, or coming from outside the cell. As the cell membrane is distorted by the...
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    Is Load Progression Necessary For Hypertrophy?

    Forgive me for not having followed this thread carefully. I did what most people do when they skip to the end of a book just to see what happened. That being said, I wanted to remind folks about in-vitro experiments on loading muscle fibers. You can take a single muscle fiber, attach each end to...
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    Hitting A Muscle At Multiple Angles

    Sorry, I didn't see this before I moved your other post. See my "box car" thread for my answer.
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    Is The "box Car" Analogy True?

    Hi dean, The tissue itself does not know "angles", but the nervous system does. Because the tissue is simply being pulled from either end, it only knows degree of stretch. As you mention, I am not talking about muscle that have different segments, like lats, pecs, or delts. For this reason...