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I am just in High School and have been trying to find a good workout program for building muscle. However, all sites assume you are an adult with access to a gym and all I have are Dumbells up to 10-pounds and a treadmill. Need some advice.
If you only have 10lb dumbells you'll have to use isolation exercises mostly, and they probably won't work well for long.
The key to building muscle is progressive loading, and once your muscles become used to 10lbs, they won't grow any more using the same weight.
I'd look around for a cheap used weight set, they always seem to be for sale in the classifieds or garage sales.
Doesn't your school have weights?
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Any way you could use your school gym?
When I was in highschool we had weightlifting monday and weds after school. Maybe your school has some sort of thing like that, or maybe if you have a cool teahcer, you could convince them to supervise.

Other than that, you could probably find a decent weight set at a second hand store or something. When I worked out at home, I could usually find OK second hand stuff for my home gym home.

Also, pushups can be decent for building size in the early stages. Chinups too, you could get one of those chinup bars to put in your doorway, or even if you have a tree in your backyard you could use a branch. My friend used to do just situps, pushups and chinups starting in grade 7, and I remember in grade 8 when he humiliated a guy twice his size (he was probably 5'2 and the other guy was like 6'4) in a classrom-wide arm wrestling tournament.
If you really have no access to better strength training equipment, go with Insane Man's advice and do calisthenics. There's lots of stuff on the internet which will help you find suitable exercises. The most popular ones include the following:

Pressing movements: pushups + dips (can easily be done with two chairs or a bench)

Pulling: chinups, horizontal rows (hang from the edge of a table and do a reverse pushup movement)

Abs: crunches, all kinds of leg raises

Lower body: freehand squats, lunges

I would organize these exercises in a training circle (i. e. you do back-to-back sets of exercises hitting different muscle groups). As a teenager, you should not just focus on gaining mass, but also on general conditioning. This basic routine will give you a solid foundation.
Thanks for the advice about the weight set. and I looked into using my school's gym but all the teachers have after-school sports and activities to watch. but I will try to get a weight set. What is a good price? Also, are chinups the ones where your fists face you or are away from you? and Does the height of the table a horizontal row is down on matter?
I've seen cheap weight sets at garage sales for 20 bucks.

Chinups can be done either way, I prefer palms facing away from you because I feel I can isolate my back better, but both ways work.