Wrist tendonitis


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HI i got wrist tendonitis before from using straight bar curls . tendonitis is the inflamation of the tendons . in my case, it's on the right side of the wrist when looking at your palms. i can't do any bicep exercises other than hammer curls. then one fateful day, i did hammer curls wrongly and twitched the tendon again. huwala! it's back. it hurts bad. i looked up some information on the internet about tendonitis and they say i just have to use ice packs and rest in order for the tendon to heal.

my question is... do i need to use a wrist support in the next cycle?
i think my SD is going to me more than 2 weeks.. :confused:
Hmm...inflammation with tendons is a long term injury and you dont get it overnigt. Propably you have just strained your wrist. However if you have a history of tendonites i suggest that check your wrist position when doing bicep sets. Also you could try to those arm supports. But keep in mind that with all supports etc belts, you support your muscles and they dont have to do so much work as before. Use them sometime not always.

Sorry to hear about your injury, those suck big time

Cut your cycle short and rest until healed?

Drop the biceps exercise. They'll get enough maintenance work from your compound back and deads.
i never really got a decent bicep exercise until i tried the inclined hammer curls. i put a good 1/4" on that.

i was doing deads before, and lateral pulldowns and seated rows. you think those will suffice? i've done that before and saw no gains on my arms
(i was leaning back when doing lat pulldowns and seated rows)

i'm going to check on my therapist soon and sort things out...
i can't wait to get back to HST...

lesson learned: when something else besides the muscle hurts, STOP!!!

btw, thanks for the posts
Well 2 things come to mind:

-Vicious says that compounds during the 15s are enough to elicit biceps and triceps growth (after an SD). So following that, you'd think that heavier compounds are enough to maintain any growth.

-Your muscles aren't going to atrophy during the compounds (as above), and maybe you won't make bicep gains, but you could still finish your cycle without them...?