Wrist Pain


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For a couple of weeks I'm felling my right wrist bad. I don't feel the pain per se, but I feel it when I lift any weight. And when I rotate it I feel it too. Seems like a tendon or ligament is inflamed.

What should I do ?
Stop lifting until healed ?
Do the 15's ?

I appreciate your help.
I had wrist pains from going too heavy - a strain in the finger flexors. I did no pulling or pushing movements for 10 days or so. I used triceps straps and used machines to substitute most of my routine. It healed.
Same thing for me. I had it just like that and it got worse with benching, so I began wrapping the wrist with a knee wrap (just to where the fingers start to blue in a few minutes) and it's slowly gotten better without stopping lifting. I still wrap just to be safe for a while.
How quickly it heals will depend on how badly you strained it and how old you are (if you are 40+ these things can take longer to heal). It doesn't sound too bad if it doesn't bother you when you aren't lifting. Rest can work wonders as can increased blood flow to the area.

As I always feel prevention is better than cure, if I was you I'd get hold of a set of grippers; CoC type grippers (ie. not the weedy ones you can squeeze all day long) are great for improving grip strength but they'll also toughen up your wrists. A couple of sets of 10 reps with a tough gripper will really pump the muscles around your wrist and hand. I had very small weedy wrists but regular training and grip strength work has toughened them up a great deal and they've grown in circumference quite a bit too. Of course, deadlifts have helped too as have overhead squats. OHSs are quite a wrist blaster if you do 10+ reps with a half-decent weight.

Actually this brings up something I have been meaning to ask you.

I know you spent a great deal of time using various techniques to strengthen your grip. Which one was the most useful or had the most benefit?
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Actually this brings up something I have been meaning to ask you.

I know you spent a great deal of time using various techniques to strengthen your grip. Which one was the most useful or had the most benefit?</div>
Well, I think it's a combination of everything really. Grippers are quite specific but they do seem to have the most spill over to bar gripping. I noticed a big improvement in my ability to hold on to heavy deads after doing gripper work. Static holds are great too but are less 'fun' than gripper work plus they require that you be in the gym. Grippers are great because you can do a grip workout while watching TV (although this may not be such a good idea if someone else is also watching TV with you; you will drive them nuts!).
Thanks for the imput, Lol. Very useful - I'm looking forward to strengthen my grip and wrists. I do boxing too and sometimes it's a pain after one hour of heavy punching in the bag, and I have to stop it. It will beneficit me greatly to know any method I can apply to make my wrists stronger. I appreciate any further info you have about it, and I'll certainly come back on ya.

Tough grippers - I'll buy myself one - my grandma has one for her but it's like the weedy ones I you said. But do you think this one may help to get the blood flowing and healing ?
The tougher ones may be better to grip work, but healing ?

Oh, does the CoC only sells in North America ? 20 dollars, humm.
With taxes this will cost quite a bit.

Other question: I have to stop lifting, or can I have the light week of 10's without delaying the healing ?
No one can say without knowing what it really is. My method would be to wrap it and lift on, but quit if it got any worse. Without seeing a doc, it's your call. If it's tendon, ligament or cartilage damage, you'll be a while healing.
how can one wrap their wrists properly without having store-bought wraps? is there some way to bandage the wrist up to protect the joint? my wrist has played up too, but during the 15s this week they are MUCH better! but i still want a backup ;)