Wrist pain


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Hi. I've been having bad wrist pain lately, especially when I'm doing curls. (I decided to add a couple of sets in addition to compound lifts during my latest cycle).

I decided to use those curved bars to minimize wrist stress but somehow they still make my wrists hurt like hell.

Right now I decided to go into SD to rest them for a while. Do you guys have any experience with this? Should I be using some sort of wrist support?

Next time I'll just stick to my compounds, but my arms seem to be lagging somewhat.
A hundred dirt bike wrecks have kept my wrists in damaged condition. I cannot do straight bar curls no matter what. If the cambered bars aren't working for you, there are some other options.
1.) try not gripping the bar.
2.) try all the different bars available to you. Just 2 degrees angle sometimes can make a big difference.
3.) My favorite: the rotating W-bar. That with a cable really seems to work well.
4.) Fats. I'm talkin' EFA's here. Seems like when I forget to eat them, (with meals so they don't get used for energy) my joints begin to hurt.
Hope something works for you.
Good call FF, and maybe reverse curls too, but they're more forearm than bicep. One exersize I've really loved when I was regular at a gym was crossover machine curls using high pulleys and pulling to the ears.
Come to think of it, I DID run out of EFAs lately and that's just about when the wrist pain started - but I can't think of any reasonable connection with that though. Hehe.

Thanks guys. I'll try the hammer curls too.
I second (third?) the hammer curls comment.  I messed up my wrist pre-HST stupidly trying something recommended in a Weider "muscle comic."  I am still not 100%, but hammer curls allowed me to keep working my arms initially.  Can be tough on the brachioradialis at heavy weights, though.

Double wrist wraps help, too.
I got some pain in the wrist joints as well.

Ive been using the easy curl bar. Might be how im holding my dumbbells. I usually grip them with my hand on the farthest to the inside you can grip. Makes them angle a bit. Been doing that since some person at the gym told me to.

What is the EFA connection to wrist pain?
I think the oils tend to help lubricate the joints. I know it helps with Arthur; I feel pain when I stop taking them. Not that the joints really get lubricated; I don't know, but it seems like that. All I know is it works and down here we always say "If it works; don't fix it."
There is an urban legend about the invention of WD-40 - and it being good for the joints, but it will of course, make you stink like oil.
i also suffer from some wrist pain,i get it from straight bars curls(biceps)and cgbp(if i go over 200lb).

this is why i dropped straight bar years ago,i do dumbells(curls/hammers),and i might use the zedbar sometimes.
I'll just add my vote here for DBs instead of using a bar. Even an EZ bar can continue to aggravate an existing problem.

You may need to cut out curls for a while. Better to let things heal up sometimes than trying to work through it.
I've had the wrist pains lately when doing bench presses. (just started them a few workouts ago) I wrapped my right wrist with a knee wrap (the ones I don't use since going ATG, remember?) to stabilize it in case of an "accident"...and it worked excellently, enabling me to finish.
Are you doing pullups?

If you get some wrist straps, you should have zero pain doing pullups and this will hit your biceps, also improve the hell out of your rear delts and lats/back.

Two fridays ago, I finished my workout, life was good, then I notice discomfort in my right wrist. Half hour later, Im washing my truck and notice, my wrist is super sensitive, when I just touch something with my hand, it hurts like hell, an hour later, I cant turn my hand in any direction, other than relaxed, felt like the sumbitch was broken. Suprisingly, I was back lifting monday but Im still having minor pain, I only do one set of DB presses with my max, as Im in my 5's to be safe though.

I also noticed by pure accident, I was doing rows with DB's, look over and see the wrist straps, which Id only been using for weighted pullups, until my forearm strength caught up, which happened fairly quickly and decided to use them for rows, I swear, I coulda added 10 lbs to the DB, suprising how much energy goes to just holding the DB itself vs the movement, my long winded point being, I felt no pain using the wrist straps on pulling movements, so you might look into that until your wrist heals or take a break, as youve done.

This is my way of saying, I can relate and it sux. I wont mention the left trap I screwed up or my left elbow...I need to SD this time for sure.
Thanks guys for your comments. I took a 2 week SD, the pain diminished somewhat from before, but its still there.

I've resumed working out, but now I'm using straps for pulling movements, and I'm doing hammer curls instead.

Hopefully it heals completely soon but it's been 2 months already..?