Which supplements should I cycle?

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by qazmlp, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. qazmlp

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    It has often been said that certain supplements should be cycled e.g. Creatine, NO supplements, thermogenics and natural testosterone boosters. Some say protein can be cycled for better gains.

    I take some herbs that raise testosterone and I cycle them; I think this is the right thing to do.

    I am unsure whether I should also cycle Ipriflavone, B-vitamins and Ginkgo Biloba (I take this for my brain). Ginkgo Biloba is a herb like the natural test boosters; does this mean it should be cycled because it is a herb?

    Also, would I benefit from reducing protein during SD in order to bounce back stronger when I start weights again? Are protein requirements less during SD?
  2. Totentanz

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    Don't cycle supplements. They aren't steroids, you don't need to cycle them. Just because people have to cycle steroids in order to prevent their natural test from being permanently shut down doesn't mean that all supplements should be cycled. Cycling protein especially is just non-sensical. How are you going to cycle protein? Are you going to stop eating any proteins altogether and only eat carbs and fats during the time you are taking time off from protein? Your body cannot become protein depleted. It's just not possible. You'd die. Your body is built out of proteins, proteins are responsible for everything. So obviously you can't become protein depleted. It's not like carb depletion where you can deplete carbs then do a massive refeed to improve performance.

    Thermogenics obviously you should only be using when trying to lose fat and not when you are trying to build muscle, so only take them then. Natural test boosters, if they are meant to boost your natural test, wouldn't need to be cycled because they won't surpress test production like steroids do, since they are supposed to be boosting test. I am not sold on the reliability of natural test boosters, personally and think they are a waste of money, often costing many times more than even the designer steroids that are still legal. So you don't need to cycle those either.
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    Cycling Supplements

    I partially disagree with Totentanz. While it is true that cycling protein does not make any sense, the same is not true for testosterone boosters.

    Testosterone boosters are generally a waste of money in younger males, but older males they can really make a difference. The problem we run into is that our bodies tend to set the testosterone levels where they want to, and after taking test boosters for a while the human body is sophisticated enough to figure out and readjust based on the incoming supplements. Just like mixing up your workouts to fool your muscles with something that is unexpected, the same is true for testosterone. You body adjusts to a consistent stimulant after a while. When you take the stimulant away your body must react.

    I cycle Pink Magic and Tongkat Ali, 6 days of PM, then Sunday off, then 6 days of TA, then Sunday off, then 6 days of PM, and so on... If you are over 40, this will make a difference, but if you don't cycle you WILL be wasting your money...
  4. Totentanz

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    Do you have proof of that? There is no reason your body would stop producing as much testosterone from something that boosts production. It isn't like taking hormones which shuts down the HPTA. The only proof I've seen for test boosters even working does not show any evidence that they will stop boosting it after a while unless you cycle it.

    Also, your supporting comment of this:
    This is not true and is in fact extremely dumb. Mixing up your workouts to "fool" your muscles into growing has been disproven for like basically ages now and I don't even know anyone except the p90x crowd who even believes that crap anymore.
  5. Canborn

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    Its really a personal preference but I do not believe in cycling supplements.
    As for protein if you are getting enough from natural sources then you may cut back on supplementation from shakes, bars etc...
  6. manimal

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    100% bang on. This whole idea that "fooling" your muscles to grow is nothing more than a marketing tool for column writers in muscle magazines. They have to figure out new things in their articles so they come up with these ideas and people eat it up. There is so much garbage out there isn't not even funny, but this is why people aren't getting the results; they're too busy reading "new tricks" to "fool" muscles.
  7. Yes, this...

    Also, as far as supplements, I recommend protein (to help hit your macros if you cant eat enough chicken and tuna), creatine monohydrate (don't mess with the other forms), caffiene (pill form or coffee/tea form), and Omega 3 fish oil. I also drink water and plain BCAA's before and during my training.

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