?Where can I get a dip belt?


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Anyone want to let me know where I can get a real cheap dip belt, at least under 30 bucks, preferably under 20?

Home Depot. ;)

4-5 ft. of poly-coated swing set chain: $2.50
Swing lock: $1.00

Total cost: $3.50.

Mine has held 100 pounds with no problem. If it can hold fat kids, it can hold a good amount of weight.
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Quote[/b] (BoSox @ Jan. 11 2005,4:08)]Cliner, are you able to keep the chain wrapped around your waist?
Sure, gotta have alittle butt back there though. :) . Just wrap around (length will vary according to your height), clip weights through chain. Has never dropped, even with the heaviest poundages.
Cliner, do you add padding or something to keep it from digging into your back?
thanks man