what is the difference between half and full body?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Orokusaki, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Orokusaki

    Orokusaki New Member


    I train instead full body half body 4 days and one day rest. I have no problem with exhaustion or muscle fatique. I wanted to ask if there is any wrong with this method.

    It´s like:

    Mon: upper b
    Tue: legs + back
    Wed: as on Mon
    Thu: as on Tue
    Fri: rest

    and again

    5 excercises per training, 3 sets each excercise.

    what do you think?
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    It's hard to evaluate your program with so much information missing - gain/cut, what's the nutrition in general, specific exercises, what rep range are you working in, why the 4-on, 3-off split etc ... ?

    'Wrong' is not necessarily an apt term to apply - wrong against what? What are your goals? Thinking of exercise regimes more in terms of ideal vs less ideal might be more appropriate.
  3. LifttheBurn

    LifttheBurn New Member

    I'm a little confused. Do you want to know the difference between split training vs full body sessions or somebody to critique your workout? Accurate questions will produce accurate answers.

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