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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by TunnelRat, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. TunnelRat

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    I've been having trouble with my shoulder again (the one I've already had surgery on). I'm in rehab three times a week (with the little Russian ladies who wear black executioners' hoods and say "This maybe hurt leetle bit").

    So, anyhow, I have been specifically forbidden to do bench presses or dips. I suppose I can make up the tricep work with some iso's (like pushdowns maybe), and I can do some lateral raises and front raises for my delts.

    However, I'd like some advice regarding what I can do for my chest. Is there an exercise I can do to work my pectorals without having to involve my shoulders too much? So far I've drawn a blank.
  2. scientific muscle

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    Dumbell or cable flyes. But you'll have to start light and use excellent form to keep the shoulders out of it.
  3. Lol

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    I feel for you TR. If you can do flyes like Sci suggested then great. How do push-ups feel? They might not be too hard on your shoulder if you don't space your hands too wide and keep your scapulae adducted. They would provide some good blood flow to the joint.

    However, my gut feeling is that you should just lay off using your shoulder with any loading that might hinder or slow up the joint's healing. That probably rules out anything heavy enough to keep your pecs growing for the time being. Not what you want to hear, I know.

    I was lucky; my AC joint problem (which wasn't as serious as yours) precluded me from doing bench, flyes or push-ups but I was able to dip without making things worse. So, I would let the joint heal a bit more and then slowly introduce the movement that feels least aggravating.
  4. quadancer

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    Personally, my delts have kept up with no laterals or overhead work whatsoever, just doing powerlifting moves. But no bench or dips, hmmmm. When my AC was at it's worst, bench was impossible, but I could still do flat DB presses, and later on inclines, since you can play with the ROM, the angle of the fists, and the arc in the ROM to suit your comfort. I found that a totally supinated grip (fists facing the chest) worked for me all the way up. I can now do regular bench grip with them, but to flex the pecs more usually start like that and supinate at the top.
    If you have access to a pec deck it could help. What was your surgery for? How long ago? And assorted questions from a nondoctor...

    EL_VIEJO New Member

    I have shoulder pain. Since I've narrowed my grip on benches and OH presses it's gotten a little better. I also do DB OH presses with a neutral grip which doesn't cause any problem at all. However, you have a more serious problem than I have. If I were in your situation, I'd take all 3 pieces of advice that have already been posted in the following way:

    1) Try light standing cable flyes. If they don't aggravate your shoulder, continue with them and then -

    2) Try light DB benches with a neutral grip (palms facing each other).

    3) If both of the above cause any pain, then just totally lay off any movements that involve shoulders until it''s fully healed and concentrate on lower body movements. Hell, you might even be surprised by the results.

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