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  1. I have several friends, who are weight lifters. They are not bodybuilders and none of them have big butts. Why because they wear high heeled boots for lifting. They get a great deal more support for their backs and legs wearing high heeled boots during weight lifting.

    One of them suggested to just raise your heels appx. 1-1/2 inches of the floor when you do squats. He thought that would do the trick, that is, keeping a flat butt. He laughed and said. " get a 2 x 4 about 2-1/2 to 3 feet long and plant your heels on it during squats".

  2. This could be a thread by itself.

    You could get a couple hundred responses...I'm sure of it. :D
  3. Techo

    Techo New Member

    I hear ya on this one... I've got the same thing going on... [​IMG] lol, I thought I was done buying pants after that last cutting cycle. Isn't it a strange effect though? In about a year I've put on almost 40 pounds - heh, and most of it appears to be in the rear end. I've also noticed my belly does stick out more naturally, although I just thought that was due to the amount I'm eating...

    As scary as the statement may sound, I'm not sure I follow the logic with not being able to lose musle there... Like many have said on this board, generally speaking, muscle is easier to lose than gain. Can anyone justify his view point other than it's a "dense muscle"?
  4. Reven

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    I almost wasn’t going to post but the thought of squatting and deadlifting making your but freakishly big seems ridiculous to me. Now I have not been squatting and deadlifting for long maybe 3 years 2 for sure. Yes your legs and but grow really fast but that’s just the first step so does your lower back.. My lower back sticks out just as far as my but and it looks great. As far as I can tell is that the deadlifting and squatting brings up the lagging legs to make them more proportionate to the upper body. Hey I could be wrong maybe in a few more years I'll have your problem but I seriously doubt it. I also definitely agree the women like men with legs, I have heard countless times women making fun of men because of their chicken legs even if they have a massive upper body. One final note if you deadlift and squat lots many more women will decide that its ok to slap or pinch your bottom, so has been my experience.

    Eat, squat and grow.
  5. EctoSquat

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    Just squat to parallel...
  6. One of my senior citizen workout friends commented about the discounts.

    He said, " You know it's hard too look and feel good as you grow older. It's even harder to make it to the gym and re-invigorate myself to a younger me." I've come a long way and I really look good, but I'm still a senior citizen. Anyone can tell."

    He went on to say, " The discounts are a help, but you know the little twits that give'm always have to embarass me by making me ask for the discount or by checking my ID. I know my grey hair, wrinkles, gobbler neck and age spots identify me well enough. The little twits definitely won't give me the discounts if I don't ask. It's embarassing to have to ask, especially when you're standing in a line with a lot of young people around."

    He further commmented," You pay for the discounts."

    I just laughed and told him they were paying him a compliment. He is a very buff looking older guy.
  7. Techo

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    So what do you guys suggest if I just want to maintain the lower body at it's current state for now? I'm actually going to start a cutting cycle soon, but want to make sure I've got my routine down before I start.

    I think squating to parallel is a great suggestion so I'll try that. Other than that, maybe just do my max on those exercises the whole cycle instead of progressive load? What do you guys think? Also was debating if I should keep SLDL cause they hit the glutes too, but I really like what they do to the hamstrings...

    I know a bunch of you are either laughing or rolling your eyes at this subject, but really, too much of a good thing isn't really good anymore... Yer just gonna have to trust us fat @$$3$ on that one [​IMG]
  8. BIZ

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    First, what a weird thread this has become. A bunch of men haggling over glute size...hahahahaha! I swear if someone posts a pic of their arse asking for criticism I am never coming back. [​IMG]

    Anyways, glutes tend to be more fast twitch fiber oriented, so switching to only using your maxes in the heavier load range will probably do more to make your glutes puff up than say, switching to higher rep schemes for squats, i.e. doing a cycle more like 20, 15, and 10 instead of 15, 10, and 5. The suggestion of raising the heels is a good one as well, for that will deactivate the glutes to a degree. I don't get sore glutes unless I sprint or squat/deadlift in the 8 reps and lower range. My glutes are fairly large, but proportionate to the rest of my leg, so I am cool with that. I love the way they look in a nice tight pair of ....ummm, never mind. I am gonna go drink a beer and watch ESPN until this feeling passes. [​IMG]
  9. Mr Anabolic

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    It's funny how people will look for every lame @$$ excuse NOT to do squats! The only reason they avoid them is because squats (performed correctly) are very difficult. It's funny how many guys in my gym avoid them. These same people always ask me "how did you get your legs so big?"

    Go figure.
  10. BIZ

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  11. Heavy Duty dude

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    No disrespect man, but with a name like yours, I'm not sure the size of your legs have much to do with squats.. lol.

    This being said, squats are my favorite exercise, 20-reps squats to be more precise.. always a challenge.
  12. Techo

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    Well high heels or 2x4s aren't an option for me... But today I did try putting a couple 25 lbs plates of the floor to raise my heels. It seemed to help a little (tho a bit unstable) so I think I'll try to stick with that. Thanks for the tip! And this isn't to say I'll squat like this for the rest of my life - just need the rest of my body to catch up =)
  13. semajes

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    What about the stomach thing? Any truth to this?
  14. Techo

    Techo New Member

    Good question... Anyone know if squats contribute to the problem?

    In the mean time, I think I am going to make more of a conscious effort to keep my stomach in during squats (instead of letting it loose or pushing it out). Also, I'm about to start a cutting sycle so we'll see if that helps too... While it won't actually isolate the cause since I will be doing two "fixes" at once, at least I can find out if the problem can be reduced/reversed.
  15. colby2152

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    I am starting my first HST cycle and I tested my 15 rep max for squats yesterday.... and this is the first time I did the exercise since September. For what it's worth, I miss the pain "that comes with the game" when doing squats.

    I'll second that quote!

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