Topical Yohimbine Hcl

Steve McDermott

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Has anyone used Lipoderm-Y from avant labs?  It seems to be an interesting alternative to oral yohimbine.  I don't tolerate the oral form too well.  It seems like this could be a great alternative if the active ingredient actually reaches the fat cells.  I think it would be great to use to get the last stubborn bit of the spare tire off (once I get down that far).

I am using it and have been for the past several months. I have been quite happy with the results, but do not expect miracles. It is probably most useful in conjunction with a keto diet(Although, I am using a cyclical isocaloric diet) Due to the localized delivery, carbs may not be as much as an issue as with oral yohimbine(Insulin negates the lipolytic effects of yohimbine) Also, I believe Par Deus has stated it is probably not cost effective unless you are already at or below 12%bf(Although I started using it when I was still about 16%bf because I was impatient and it still seemed to work okay) or have a VERY bad fat distribution. The message boards at have a fair amount of feedback(mostly positive, some negative) about it as well. I also get a fair amount of CNS stimulation from it, but this is not all that common with most users.
Thanks for the reply.  I'll check out the forum at  I figured I should wait until I get below 12% for the same reason.  it is kind of expensive.  Although if it's effective, then it would be worth it.  As I said, I don't tolerate the oral for too well, so I hope I don't get the CNS side effects with the topical.  Thanks again.

Let me know about the results.

I had heard that it is the only "real" local fat reducer.
Yohimburn got mixed reviews.