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Discussion in 'General Training' started by EctoSquat, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. EctoSquat

    EctoSquat New Member

    His website is gone for some reason, and I can't find any of his articles anywhere. Does anybody know what happened, and do any of you have his articles saved?

    I'm talking about the physiology articles...I wanted to read them again...

  2. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    I know, it's a bummer his site is gone [​IMG]
    I used to email with him occasionally also, and no response. I guess he just kinda moved on.

    The good news, or possibly good news, is he emailed me most of his articles a year or two ago, I MIGHT still have them burned on CD, if I do, I'll post and let you know and will email them to you if you want. I hope I have them still!

  3. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    Found em!
    PM me with your email addy if you want them and I'll send them to you. I think I have all of them! :D
  4. Me too please :D
  5. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    On the way, just clicked send :)
  6. mikeynov

    mikeynov Super Moderator Staff Member

    Me three - I liked his stuff in Hardgainer.
  7. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    I have to send all of them as an attachement, your profile shows your email as 'private', if you PM me your addy I can send you them all after work tonight :)
  8. mikeynov

    mikeynov Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hell, I don't care if people know it. It's probably private cause I'm too lazy to change it.

    [email protected] if it's a small file

    [email protected] if it's big (bigger than a meg or two, whatever hotmail's limit is)
  9. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    I think it's about 2 meg so I'll send at your second email addy when I get home tonight, cheers!
  10. EctoSquat

    EctoSquat New Member


    But I remember you saying that his CNS article wasn't correct, are you not sending that one then?
  11. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    I'll send them all. I can't remember what part of the CNS thing he had different the research, I think it was where he said 'failure could be in the CNS', I'd have to re-read them to find that for sure.

    All I know is, the studies show that for intermitant contractions, the CNS is tested as maximal even to the point of failure, but long sub-max isometrics can show a lessening of supraspinal output.
  12. EctoSquat

    EctoSquat New Member

    Thanks for sending the articles.

    Yeah, I think one of the articles said that it's usually the CNS that fails first, not the muscle. So that's incorrect?
  13. ZMT

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  14. shakeel

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