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Half the build time was figuring it out and getting it set up for my size/bench height. (I cut down my spare bench to 18")
To save anyone some time, the height is 6', the bottom runner is 42" long, giving you an angle of 30 degrees at the bottom, and 60 at the top. Now you know your cuts.

The pegs are from a stainless steel shower curtain rod (1"), the drink holder from a bicycle, and the fan from a yard sale. Gotta stay cool in my tool!
Front shot. I love the way this thing says "come on in!"
I'll do something with the back wall later, after paint.
Mmm, and not an ounce of caulking, filler or spackling in sight!

No, seriously it's nice build - "does what it says on the tin" And at the risk of introducing another competitor for the first prize; head over to, where there's a DIY home build competition...
But I didn't have to break out the welder. A saw, screw gun, drill and bits. And about $16.00 for the 4x4's and some scrap stuff. A little easier than steel to construct.
Great rack Quad. I will build something similar when I get half a chance. I'm also going to build a lifting platform so I can do some Oly lifts and not worry about the floor too much. Just got to source some large rubber mats (2'x8') for the top face of the ply sheets.
I've heard of horse mats being much cheaper and basically the same thing as gym mats. (they put them on the floors of horse stalls for....?) I got my mats from a gym in Florida that had insurance replacements. The stupid insurance law required them to get rid of ALL the equipment after the roof blew off...also my 110 and 120 lb. dumbells came from there. They had tons of equipment that just needed a little paint job, but couldn't use it. I've seen guys use carpet, but that's too soft for lifting on.
Well done Quad ! Now all you need is an extended lower frame so you can do some shrugs and BARBELL CURLS IN THE SQUAT RACK, a beloved pastime of all gym enthusiasts.
I know quad, I was just making reference to the cost of wood material lately.  

If you add the extended frame as mentioned above, and put it at the right height for you, might also serve as a bench press safety, no?  Whats the measurement , inside to inside?  I know I could use the bar as reference but I no longer have a bar.

Think Im gonna make me one too, been wanting to move all my chit outside anyway, tired of this cramped little room, I can use a bar outside.   Think Ill even paint "Quadrack" on the plywood back support.
OUTSIDE measurements are 48". This gives you a couple inches clearance each side to the inside collars on an oly bar. (7') That way when I'm tired I don't have to pinpoint the bar to the rests. I have an arrow dead center of the top brace, so I can simply point my nose at it and set the bar in. It just didn't show in the pics. So, it's 48" minus 7 (3-1/2" for each 4x4) giving you 41" inside. You're right about the wood; it's gotten ridiculous lately, since we started rebuilding Irak.
I'm presently going to get a couple workouts into it, and think of a way to incorporate a safety bar for squats. There are two pegs below my bench height to use for safetys when benching. I'll leave the curl work to Steve.  

I just think I could be braver with squats with a safety; my floor would be demolished if I unloaded one on it.
I figure to build a PL floor, it would cost a small fortune...two layers of 2x's, one layer of 3/4" ply...around $130 just for the wood. And that's only a 6 x 8.
Your wife is amazing to put up with all that crap in your house. Luckily I keep mine in my garage/basement. My wife would kill me if I kept all my gym equipment in the main living area.
Judging by the pictures above and the window placement, shes slowly putting him out (in the enclosed porch)
His time inside is slowly ending..
Aw, I'm kind of putting myself out. My living room is one of those "L" shapes, so half is gym and half is living space we dont' even use. We live in the bedroom where there's the computers, tv, dvd, vcr, stereo, bookcase, and uh, oh yeah, a bed.
Even cooler is my wife has started using the cardio room lately (no pressure from me). Downside of being a BB'er is she thinks we're indestructible and may come flying across the room at any time in a little brown ball of elbows and knees.
But wrestling is fun too.

There are 7 cardio machines out in the sunroom. (yard sales, thrift stores and giveaways.)
Is that a nordic trac ski machine I see near the back ? That's my favorite cardio machine. I use mine all the time (when I have two legs).
We were just given an old working treadmill with a 1/2 hp motor. So now I have EIGHT cardio machines I barely use...

Yeah Steve, I got that nordic at a yard sale for $15...needs varnish but works fine. Every 8-10 yard sales you look at you'll find a piece of equipment of some sort. I just wish I'd find some plates though.
Looks great man, makes me want to get the pops to have one at the house. The only concern I'd have if I were lifting as much weight as you are the shower curtain pegs holding up all that weight. But hey, they don't call superman the man of STEEL for nothing
. The fan is ingenious.