Supplement experience


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I suppose this is where I need to talk about supplements.

Body Fortress protein - sold at Walmart

I like it. Good results. Tastes good. Mixes well with other flavored stuff.

Six Star professional Strength Protein - sold at Walmart

Didn't mix real well. Didn't taste the greatest.

Body Fortress Creatine - sold at Walmart

Good results. Mixes well.

Six Star Professional Strength Creatine - sold at Walmart

Mixes great. tastes good. Mixes well with Body Fortress protein for an awesome shake.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the nitric oxide products? IE; N.O. Xplode, or N.O. Fury, etc?
I use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey and Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein. The whey mixes just fine with milk and tastes okay. The casein turns into pudding if I try to mix it with milk, so I just use water instead. It is quite palatable. I figure most powders are all about the same in terms of providing available protein. Thus I stick with the ones that are easy to use and don't taste like cardboard.

I've been using PrimaForce Creaform creatine monohydrate. It tends to clump together in the container and I need to shake it around a  bit in order to get it into the measuring spoon, but it mixes readily with water or milk. I'm going to try a different brand next time.

I have been using Vitargo, a high molecular weight starch, as my after workout drink. I'd read an article recommending it over maltodextrin, but I think all it does is make for some expensive urine. I may switch to chocolate milk when my supply of Vitargo runs out.

Other than fish oil tablets, vitamins, and some osteo bi-flex, I don't use any other supplements.

I order all my stuff from -- their prices don't seem to be too high, they offer fast delivery, and their customer service has been good to me.