Suggestions for a bar?


I'm running into a problem as all my weights are the standard (ie. 1" hole type) plate, the main barbell I've been using for years has bent and become a safety risk.

     The ideal would be 6-7 ft long,knurled 1 and 3/8" grip with machined 1" standard sleeves , rated for 1500lbs (static)would be nice also.I have way too much weight in the standard 1" iron plates to switch to the seemingly more prevalent OLY(2") .  

  Anyone else using standard sleeved bars? Where did you find them?Searching the internet comes up with cheap walmart ones , I know good ones exist in the standard format - help?
You could also put up the entire set for sale if you have a few bucks extra. Consider a fair deal at .30-.35c a pound (unless you're a limey; I don't know your currency) and if someone bought the whole set, you'd only have to outlay a small sum for an oly set. Plates here in Georgia go at around .49/lb and up.
Forget the internet for a set: no one can afford the shipping!
(quadancer @ Mar. 20 2007,10:43)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Forget the internet for a set: no one can afford the shipping!</div>
The one and only exception being if you purchase it from someone over ebay, etc etc, and they are within driving distance. In those cases, you can get great deals.
But if you try to buy from a site, then shipping is outrageous.
(the_dark_master @ Mar. 20 2007,07:19)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Sounds like you need a &quot;Beefy bar&quot; (Got mine from bodysolid)</div>
Dude you rock!!! Exactly what i wanted. thanks !!!

How do you like yours? Will the beefy bar handle loads between 450-500(lbs.)? That would really be the most load I'd need it to bear for at least a year I'm thinking, (Deadlifts).
Quad and Totentanz,

   Thanks , I'm realizing that eventually I'll have to go that route as I started to feel like the guy looking for 8 track tapes in a CD world as I searched the internet for standard bars. Sounds like &quot;the beefy bar&quot; could get me thru for now though.
    And no Quad , I'm no &quot;limey&quot;, I'm a transplanted upstate NewYorker currently living in Fargo, North Dakota- frostbite capitol of the world.
It tends to flex a bit with 200kg - but then again what bar wouldn't? It is probably too stiff for proper Oly lifts, though.
The extra &quot;girth&quot; also helps, the bar tends not to bite into the grip as std bars do (both pul/push)
I love my Beefy
I believe you. I use some big neoprene tubing sleeves over my DB handles I bought at Home Depot - when I went to the local gym the other day, it felt like the DB handles were 'cutting' into my hands and I just didn't have control of the weight. I'll take the sleeves with me next time. They have a beefy oly bar there I like too.
(scientific muscle @ Mar. 21 2007,20:50)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">get an olympic bar and plates....1&quot; bars are for teenage girls.