Stiff-legged deadlift question?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by HstRiggins, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. HstRiggins

    HstRiggins New Member

    When doing them are you supposed to reset your back and deload as you would with a regular deadlift or a bent-over row?
  2. mikeynov

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    I assume you mean to basically do stiff-legs in like a rack or something, setting it down at the bottom between reps and "resetting" your back before picking it up again?

    This could feasibly work (it'd start to resemble a rack pull basically), though I could see it being problematic to "reset" the back in the position where the back is most vulnerable (bent over all the way), having to start over concentrically after already being tight (theoretically) on the way down.

    It's generally easier to hold position when you precede a concentric movement with an eccentric one. Think squats and bench press. Deadlifts from the floor can be problematic, particularly on first reps, due to having to get very "tight" and start each rep concentrically.

    edit: actually, I think you mean resetting it off the floor each time. I think a lot of people would lack the flexibility to maintain back extension in this position, so a rack would be easier, but it'd suffer the same problems I described above, imho, starting each rep concentrically with your back in a vulnerable position not necessarily being wise.
  3. Lol

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    For SLDLs I always do 'touch and go.' Same for RDLs. So no deload between reps for me.
  4. TunnelRat

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    (Lol @ Aug. 14 2008,9:57)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">For SLDLs I always do 'touch and go.' Same for RDLs. So no deload between reps for me.</div>
    Most times I don't even &quot;touch&quot;. Depending on how tight my hamstring are, I usually can't set the bar down at all.

    I confess to using straps (Versa-Grips) when doing my RDLs for more than 5 reps or so. My grip strength begins to give out since I don't get that bit of rest at the bottom.
  5. HstRiggins

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