Soy Protein Studies

Hmm, they come up blank. My Google consultant didn't help me either, except that he showed me that claims test levels are not lowered by soy, and t-nation claims test levels drop because of soy.
Aaron_F sounds right. I note that they were only published in December and under the PMID it notes "in process" -- possibly it just isn't loaded to the database yet?
Unfortunately, you have to pay to get online access to these letters.  Messina generally appears to be a soy advocate, so he may have been questioning the study conclusions (soy protein reduced testosterone).  I saw the original study myself, but there were others published around the same time coming to opposite conclusions.  The contradictory studies on soy continue to be a source of frustration.

These studies raise a potential issue that has prompted me to keep my soy protein intakes at a lower level.  Still, I have had good results using it in the past, so you have to wonder.