So it's recommended to only do 2weeks of Prohormones? and tak4 off?


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Almost all I know say to use for a period no less than 4-6wks...

The faq suggests 2wks... Should I start in the last week of 10's and do it for 4-6wks and only increasing the rep range from lets say 5-8 and after the 2wks of 5's slowly increase the weight by about 2.5lbs? I doubt doing it in the last week of 10's is going to make it take max effect in only 2wks. Thoughts/Suggestions?
Are you considering those specific compounds simply because they are legal?

Just asking because they are pretty crappy overall when compared to proven drugs like dianabol. If you were going to run anything, it would be safer and cheaper just to go with dbol. Any "prohormones" that actually work will shut you down just like AAS do and typically have worse side effects or else the side effects aren't fully understood. Dbol, on the other hand, has been in usage for decades and we know very well what it's effects are. It also is basically the most effective overall oral steroid.
Well i'm in the military and have already been accused of roid usage so IF they do test me(which i doubt) i can pull out my prohormones and show them it's legal. And i'm deployed... and i dont know where to get dbol or ps for it. I already have the beast and diesel in my possession. Regardless, most cycles are longer than 2wks and i dont think 2wks is enough to get results off of them. But i've never taken, just did some reading.
Well do they test you or what? Because real prohormones will show as you being on steroids if you get tested. I'm not sure how they handle it if you have compounds that are not illegal currently, but it might be a good idea to ask beforehand? Just in case?

You are going to want something for PCT for those things if they are legit, because you will still get shut down. I am not familiar with those specific compounds but most orals you can run up to six weeks without much of an issue as long as you have a healthy liver. I will read up on those particular compounds later today and let you know. But for the most part, I don't recommend 2 weeks on anabolics to anyone. 2 weeks will still shut you down.

Also, I know you don't have unlimited control over your food intake but during post cycle, you definitely want to make sure to at the minimum maintain your weight, do not cut back calories, and keep lifting heavy. It is going to be difficult to tell when you are recovered since you probably won't be getting blood work done.

When will you be back home?