Size of muscle/fat

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by imported_da1andonlychacha, Jul 21, 2004.

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    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:719b00'>&lt;BLEH!&gt;</span></span>

    Man, I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm running out of steam on the elliptical trainer tomorrow!

    You're right—a squishy bag of fat, perhaps dripping out all over the place, has it all over a pristine, Lucite-encased &quot;heirloom&quot; piece, in terms of motivation. More portable, too! What was I thinking?
  2. I ask one totally normal logical question, and see how weird this board gets.......

    thanks for makin me laugh guys [​IMG]
  3. A little graphic there Lars :)
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    Oh, Lars is just trying to divert attention away from his crappy ma—um, er, never mind. [​IMG]
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    Just kidding, Lars! Couldn't resist!

  6. Lars

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    I'll get you back when I wake up! I will use my MFW Kung Fu on you! [​IMG]
  7. Oh it can get a lot weider. Just ask Joe. [​IMG]

    Let's see who catches this. [​IMG]
  8. Lars

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    Who's Joe ? We should get Lyle in here...Lyle *and* his infamous monkeys! Now that would've stirred things up a bit [​IMG]
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    Oh, yeah, right, Joe! ;)


    Um, yeah, Joe.


    <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>Joe?</span>
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    <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>&lt;pssst, Lars, <span style='color:red'>old buddy</span>, wouldn't that Kung Fu come in handy right around now in finding about about this Joe guy?&gt;</span>

    Yeah, how about them monkeys?

    [Serious aside:
    <span style='color:green'>So</span>, da1andonlychacha, how does it feel to have your &quot;fat thread&quot;—ha! that sounds so insulting but isn't!—OK, well, anyway, how does it feel to have your thread totally usurped and subverted? Just checking. ;)]
  11. Come on Guys
    Think about it.
    Read what is written not what you think is written.
    If no one catches on by the time I log on tomorrow I'll give it away.
  12. Lars

    Lars New Member

    Why are you talking about Joe Weider ? I agree he should be called Joe Weirder, but...:p
  13. HAHA!! Joe Weider!! and i got it w/o lars' help. of course, its really not funny at all. but since daniel started posting, the thread has gotten a lot wider...... [​IMG] j/k daniel. which is denser, the brick or the muscle? how much does a brick weigh anyway? and please, jeff, order me an adipose toilet seat. they're just the thing for parties.
  14. How Bryan gets derailed as a mad scientist.

    &quot;Ladies and gentlemen of the scientific community, here we have Hypertrophy Specific Training, the most scientifically advanced form of bodybuilding known to man. Our forum hosts professional discussions of myology and kinesiology. As an example of our cutting edge minds, let us view this thread Size of Muscle/Fat. Um... excuse me a moment....&quot;

    Poor Bryan never did recover and ended up as a homeless man begging for Gold's Gym Passes and throwing bricks at random bodybuilders.
  15. Lars

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    1. That's just an uncomfirmed rumour
    2. I hear that all the time from girls, and I still don't believe it!

  16. Aaron_F

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    thatll teach me to post when tired, everything looked fine when I wrote it, but now I read it, i got it all back to front. The internet goblins changed it, I tell ya

    But why are people worried about exactly 4 bricks of fat. Adipose and muscle is not a constant density... :D
  17. So to bring this topic back around full circle, I have a question.

    Since doing HST, I have noticed size gains but no weight gains, along with this I have lost BF,so is it that the muscle gain is countered by the fat loss, the reason I haven't gained weight?

    Before we nuts on this, I am anal about not gaining fat again, been there done that and I got the prize to prove it. That is the reason I eat at maintenace or just above. But my muscle gain hasn't showed any increase in weight, or just very little.

    I gues I could put jeff's math to but honestly I don't have the heart for it. [​IMG]
  18. Lars

    Lars New Member

    If you've gained muscle while not gaining weigth, then you've either lost skin, muscle, or bone. I think we can safely discard two of them as not possible. you say, your BF went down, so you've lost size, gained LBM. Great work!
  19. Physical observations pretty much already told me that, IE increased vascularity, dang I have veins in places I didn't think there were any [​IMG] . I am staying right at 155lbs, but I assume that eventually the weight will come on with the increase in LBM, hopefully. When I say slight gain I have gone from 149 to current 155, I just about 3 cycles now, so I guess that's good and with the increase in vascularity I assume it's Lean Tissue.
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    Joe <span style='color:RED'>Weider</span>

    Man, am I embarrassed! I think all that math fried my brain. (And the dotcom company I used to work for, now defunct, of course, got bought—who knows why?—by Weider's company.}

    &quot;Technical difficulties?&quot; Too funny! (OK, well, just funny enough.)

    Hey, <span style='color:f55000'>you</span> started it, da1andonlychacha. (&quot;Blame must be assigned.&quot;) Oh, your adipose toilet seat is on its way! No, wait: maybe you could win it in a conte—uh, better not.

    [Actually, I was not suggesting a toilet-shaped, adipose-filled piece of acrylic. C'mon, I have a little more taste than that! The toilet seat was just an example of the myriad uses of acrylic. I had in mind an elegant, crystalline cube, which—thanks to da1andonlychacha's question—we now know, for a pound of human adipose tissue, would be a little more than 3&quot; on each side, suitable for the mantalpiece, and, targeted, perhaps, by a halogen spot to highlight its <span style='color:ff4000'>s</span><span style='color:FF6622'>h</span><span style='color:f89300'>i</span><span style='color:ff5064'>m</span><span style='color:ff8746'>m</span><span style='color:ff9e01'>e</span><span style='color:ff6971'>r</span><span style='color:DD0055'>i</span><span style='color:ff4000'>n</span><span style='color:DD0055'>g</span>, <span style='color:DD0055'>t</span><span style='color:ff4000'>r</span><span style='color:FF6622'>a</span><span style='color:f89300'>n</span><span style='color:ff5064'>s</span><span style='color:ff8746'>l</span><span style='color:ff9e01'>u</span><span style='color:ff6971'>c</span><span style='color:DD0055'>e</span><span style='color:ff4000'>n</span><span style='color:FF6622'>t</span> qualities. Quite a classy house gift, I'd say, for someone who doesn't already have one. Just wanted to set the record straight.]

    Why indeed? I wondered, too. But, apparently, fat and muscle are constant enough for someone to come up with some statement like &quot;The density of fat is about 0.9g/cm³, whereas the density of lean tissue is 1.1g/cm³.&quot;

    Lots of people, I suppose, don't have a good idea of what the <span style='color:green'>volume</span> of fat is—I didn't. One of my friends thought four bricks for a pound of fat was &quot;about right&quot; (well, he's not the swiftest, actually) but, if you think about, it can't be right.

    Actually, dkm1097's comment raised a different question for me—about what happpens when you're &quot;below maintenance&quot; and doing <span style='color:blue'>HST</span>—but I thought it was more appropriate to start a different thread for that.

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