Shin splints?


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Sky-King Ankle/Shin Isolator it's such a simple idea, there again most of the effective exercises are
For poorer folk, there's always sneakers and the edge of a stair step. And one thing you don't see many people work out is the tibialis simply putting the heels on the stair edge and lifting the toes in a full ROM. I had to do those to rehab my tibs to stop them from locking up when skating.
I agree that I would rather incorporate shin workouts within my pre-WO stretch routine.

Oh yeah, I don't have a stretch routine.
(stevejones @ Jan. 14 2007,04:40)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Seems like I'm already accomplishing even more than that on the negative portion of my leg press calf raises</div>
You wouldn't be working your tibs on the negative portion of a calf raise . . .it's like saying you are working your triceps on the negative portion of a bicep curl.